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How to get rid of the mosquitoes during summer

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BELGRADE – With beautiful and warm weather came the annoying pests, mosquitoes. They regularly spoil spending time outdoors in the evening hours, and very often inside our homes, because they sneak in every time we leave the door or the window open.

Photo from: channel.nationalgeographic.com

Photo from: channel.nationalgeographic.com

Although there are sprays that can protect us from these pests, it often happens that we don’t have them with us at times we need them the most. However, there is a way to protect ourselves in these situations, so there are things in your home that can help you protect yourself from them, writes “Vestinet” portal.

Rosemary and sage

If you decide to spend evening in nature with your friends and make barbique, put on it one sprig of rosemary or sage.

Photo from: 200birdies.wordpress.com

Photo from: 200birdies.wordpress.com

The smell of these aromatic plants will prevent the boring insects and will create a true Mediterranean atmosphere.


Mix the mashed garlic juice with five times larger quantity of water and pour that solution in the spray bottle.

Photo from: 99mag.com

Photo from: 99mag.com

Before use shake it well. Lightly spray exposed parts of your body and you will be protected from mosquitoes for 5 or 6 hours.

Marigold flower

If you decide to decorate your garden with marigold flowers, you will only get more beautiful environment but also an excellent protection from the mosquitoes.

Photo from: en.wikipedia.org

Photo from: en.wikipedia.org

Marigold emits a sense which repels them, and is equally unpleasant for other insects. Also, if you get bitten by a mosquito, you can soothe your skin with the cream containing marigold.

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