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US: No foreign languages on board of Spirit Airlines?


Six residents of San Diego were taken off a Spirit Airlines flight in the United States for speaking Russian, World Medias reported.

Photo from: www.airplane-pictures.net

Photo from: www.airplane-pictures.net

A group of six San Diego residents were insulted and “humiliated” by kicking off a Spirit Airlines flight for speaking Russian before take-off.

A business owner, a teacher and an accountant, who were among this group heading to Las Vegas, apparently are not good enough to fly on Spirit Airlines, one of the worst American airline company in all categories, according study of Consumer Reports magazine.

The only fault of these people, who wanted to celebrate an anniversary party in Vegas, was chatting in Russian about the event in their regular voices, when an airline worker walked up to them.

“He just said, ‘This row needs to get up and leave now,’” said Sana Bitman, one of the kicked-off passengers, in interview to the 10 News.

“It was humiliating to be treated that way,” she added.

With the Boston Marathon bombing suspects in the back of their minds, Sana Bitman and her husband Dmitry Bitman said they were told by an airline employee that “the stewardesses were intimidated by us speaking a different language.”

The couple said to the 10 News they never received a warning from a flight attendant to quiet down.

Attorney Daniel Petrov said it is illegal to discriminate someone based on national origin.

“They were kicked off the plane for speaking Russian; It’s that simple. It’s illegal,” said Petrov.

But it’s not the first scandal connected with the Spirit Airlines company – in early May, a dozen passengers demanded to be let off a Portland-bound flight after an oily smell came through the vents.

“This is a country of freedom. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” said Sana Bitman.


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