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Tuna : Dog abandoned for being ugly, now worshiped worldwide


Tuna, originated by chihuahua and dachshund, became a real internet sensation. Though having protruding upper teeth and wrinkled neck skin, that does not make it a less loved dog than Tuna deserves.

Photo from: magazine.stevemadden.com

Photo from: magazine.stevemadden.com

Everything started in 2011, when Courtney Dasher adopted Tuna and posted pictures of it on Instagram. Firstly, she named the dog Mr Burns, because of the shape of his teeth, which reminded of popular character from The Simpsons.

Photo from: www.today.com

Photo from: www.today.com

“It has strange teeth that stick out, wrinkled chin and neck, which makes it seem like it had spent days in a bathtub. Nevertheless, I fell in love and I wanted to it feel how much it is loved,” said Courtney.

Tuna’s internet success enabled Courtney to launch a fashion line with motives of Tuna, and also cups and T-shirts with pictures of Tuna on them.


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