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UK: Prime Minister Facing Criticism over Bilderberg Meeting

by - Published: at 11:43 am
Modified: Jun 9, 2013 at 11:43 am

British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing criticism for breaking his promise to lead a transparent government, after he refused to reveal what had been discussed at the secretive Bilderberg meeting, media report.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron - Photo from: eyjan.pressan.is

UK Prime Minister David Cameron – Photo from: eyjan.pressan.is

Cameron’s presence at the shadowy meeting is provoking controversy as the Prime Minister’s spokesman claimed that he is still committed to lead a transparent government, even though he refused to discuss what was said in the secretive conference.

A member of the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency, Tamasin Cave, said that Cameron’s decision to attend the Bilderberg conference “drives a coach and horses” through his pledge of openness”.

This comes as on the Sky News channel, opposition Labour MP Michael Meacher demanded transparency over the Bilderberg meeting, which took place in a luxury hotel in Watford, Hertfordshire.

“If there is any conference which required transparency, it is the Bilderberg conference because this is really where the top brass of western finance capitalism meet”, Meacher said, adding that there will be no statement in the House of Commons about it.

“This is totally in contradiction to the government’s commitment to have greater transparency,” he added.

The Bilderberg Group, which is made up of senior politicians, business leaders and academics from around the world, commonly attracts conspiracy theories as its annual gatherings always take place in secrecy.

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  1. I heard from a researcher who was told directly by a Bilderberg insider that the only function of the Bilderberg meeting is to allow the group to select new members from the hopeful newcomers. If this is true it is not a conference as such. The discussions are simply a way to judge newcomers. The subject matter is not the issue and a decision is not necessary. This explains why newcomers are expected to join in the discussions.
    Attempts to discover what is discussed and what decisions are made may be wasted energy.

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