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Ecuador cannot recognize Snowden’s passport issued by WSA

Published: at 8:17 pm
Modified: Jul 11, 2013 at 8:17 pm
Author: InSerbia Team

Ecuador cannot recognize the passport of a citizen of the world, issued for Edward Snowden by a non-profit organization”World Government of World Citizens” (WSA) , if he theoretically comes to this country, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador Dr Marco Albuja said on Thursday.

Photo from WSA official Twitter account

Photo from WSA official Twitter account

“We do not recognize this document, a global or universal passport, as a valid document for entry,”Albuja said on the FM Mundoradio. According to him, this passport does not have adequate degree of protection, code and all necessary personal data of its owner.

As WSA has previously reported, it had issued a passport of a citizen of the world for the American, basing on the international Declaration of Human Rights.

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