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Humans were created by crossing pigs and chimpanzees

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LONDON – Geneticist Eugene McCarthy argues that the human race was created by crossing chimpanzees and pigs. No matter how this claim may seem unbelievable, McCarthy is one of the world’s leading geneticists and probably the greatest expert for hybrid animals in the world.

Image from: sites.psu.edu

Image from: sites.psu.edu

In his paper, McCarthy states numerous inexplicable similarities in the anatomy of pigs and humans, and again inexplicable differences between humans and other primates.

Humans are probably descendants of a specie created through multi-generational breeding between pigs and chimpanzees, and the reason why this hasn’t been discovered yet is excessive reliance on the genetic evidence. Comparison of genes so far only hid what is obvious,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy’s list of the anatomic evidence is long, but the main items on it are similarities in the anatomy of faces of pigs and humans and inexplicable similarities in the microstructure of the skin and organs.

To the observation that the hybrids of animals are mostly infertile, McCarthy presents evidence on the numerous hybrids who are capable of having offspring. Mules, which are sterile, and which are taken as the evidence of the theory, are an exception. Females of liger (father lion, mother tiger), for example, are capable of having offspring both with lions and tigers.

When it comes to humans, according to McCarthy, we were probably created after numerous cases of mating of boars with female chimpanzees, when the cubs were raised by chimpanzees.

McCarthy also says that there are two possibilities when it comes to this type of hybridization. The first is that the hybridization happened several million years ago, and that it resulted by creating the first hominids hordes, and that later from the horde all hominid gruops formed. The second is that the special cases of mating between chimpanzees and pigs produced two separate species of hominid, and that this is also still possible in places where pigs and chimpanzees meet each other, like in South Sudan.

According to him, there is possibility that the gorillas were created by crossing chimpanzees and forest pigs, which would explain many well-known concerns about fertility and specificity of the philosophy of a gorilla.

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  1. Anyone wishing to follow this story up should first read Forms of Life by Dr Mccarthy, (available for free on-line) or head for his website Macroevolution. Net to read the full explanation

    • LOL, theres a reason why there are forbidden foods in the torah. its because the fallen sons of god messed with dna of most species. pigs are actually a result of mixing one creature with man not the other way around. this is ancient knowledge. the very reason, the true true reason pork is not allowed in judeo based religions is they are dirty. They not of Yehovahs hand but a chimera. This is why pigs are so smart. anchient chimera. But of course this guys theory would support the ever popular alien life seeding theory that’s been soo pushed for years.

    • The old Science vs. Invisible Man in the Sky debate. If we’ve learned anything from a century of applied engineering, it’s that intuition often runs counter to reality. Fantastic as the Monkey/Pig notion sounds, it is supported by the evidence — at least until we have a Chimera sample to evaluate.

  2. Although there are some cross-species pairings that produce fertile offspring, these are species that are closely related.

    There is evidence for cross-species transfer of genes, but this generally occurred through other means – such as shared bacteria or viruses. It might be possible that our hominid ancestors received a few pig genes through eating spoiled pork. It is quite unlikely that this happened through mating.

  3. A couple of years ago i would have said no way, BUT
    recent revelations expose a new view.

    From Science Daily:

    “The researchers showed that the incompatibilities that were killing the hybrids had a microbial basis by raising the wasps in a microbe-free environment. They were surprised to find that the germ-free hybrids survived just as well as purebred larvae. But when they gave the germ-free hybrids gut microbes from regular hybrids, their survival rate plummeted.”

    Makes a whole lot of things commonly thought impossible actually, under the right conditions, perhaps possible.

    • Possible but not Impossible to do. BioEngineering can create different kinds of life it can be good or bad to worst scenario scary. Because it can also an create unincurable diseases. Fingers Crossed

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