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Wahhabis calling upon Muslims in BiH to join them in “jihad in Allah’s path”


Another clip of Wahhabis, allegedly from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are participating in the clashes in Syria against Syrian government, has been published on the Internet. In the video Wahhabis call youth to join them in “jihad in Allah’s path”, reported RTS quoting Sarajevo portal Klix.

Still image from the video

Still image from the video

“I call upon the youth to respond to jihad in Allah’s path, because telling the stories that came to us about the torture and molestation of Muslim women would take hours,” said one of three men in the video.

He also spoke about the abuse of Muslims in hope, as he said, that this story will “turn the hearts of Muslims and bring them to jihad in Allah’s path,” Klix.ba reported.

Masked man in the video calls upon Muslims to return totheir faith, stressing that “faith is the jihad in Allah’s path and those who fight and those who sit are not the same in Allah’s eyes.”


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