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Ethiopia: “160 years old” Dhaqabo Ebba with vivid memories of 1895 invasion


Dhaqabo Ebba, a former farmer from Ethiopia, is stating that he has vivid memories of the 1895 invasion on Ethiopia by Italy. During an interview with Oromiya TV, he gave in-depth detail on the power changes in his area making correspondent Mohammed Ademo believe he must be 160 years of age, at the very least.

Scene from Ethiopia

Scene from Ethiopia

“When Italy invaded Ethiopia I had two wives, and my son was old enough to herd cattle,” Ebba said at his home near Dodola. He then reminisced about his horseback journey to Addis Ababa, which lasted for eight days in total. Nowadays, the trip takes just a few hours.
However, there is no valid way of verifying the man’s age. Mohammed Ademo points out that in an oral society, such as the Oromo “every time an elder dies, a library is lost. Ebba is one such library from whom so much can still be preserved”.


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