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Novak Djokovic has changed after he had become famous – Gulbis


LONDON – Latvian tennis player Ernests Gulbis said that Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic has changed since his money struck him in the head.

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

Gulbis used to be a friend of the world’s best tennis player, and even used to say Novak inspired him to work more and better. However, Latvian changed his story how.

“I don’t like Novak. We know each other since I was 12. Then he was a normal guy. Djokovic annoys me. I simply cannot stand people like him, who completely change when they touch fame and money. This can be seen in his eyes, he has a different look,” said Gulbis and added:

“Djokovic used to be a normal person, but today he and I have nothing in common. Money and success have struck him in the head. I really don’t like that kind of people. These are people without a true character. Are there other examples? Of course there are. I am the one. I left unchanged no matter what happens around me.”

Gulbis is currently 36th player in the world. In his career he played five times against Djokovic, and celebrated only once in 2009 in Brisbane. Other four matches were won by Novak, which probably led to the frustration of the Latvian tennis player.

This is not the first time Gulbis attacked Djokovic. Latvian said in May that Novak is a boring player and that he gives uninteresting statements and interviews. Gulbis is otherwise the son of a famous Latvian tycoon.


  1. Seems like someone is a sore looser! It must be hard on Gulbis that Djokovic achieved so much in his career and he comes from a poor family. Come on, Gulbis, let your daddy pay you the best coaches in the world so you might get into a top 20 on ATP list.

  2. Of course that you have remained unchanged – you have not achieved anything since you were 12 in comparison to that once poor kid from Belgrade. And you’re obviously not smart enough to realize that barking won’t help you do it either. A classic example of jealousy.

  3. Yes, defenetly sounds like jealously! I do agree that people can change and Djokovic proberbaly has changed but not in an unhealthy way. He is the world number 1 tennis player. What’s changed…. Training, Diet, winning mentality, he defenetly travels a lot more, he’s got a beautiful partner now, he’s changed address, a lot more busy with everyday life eg. Tv, charity events. Be more specific Gulbis. What has he said or done to you that has upset you? Hey? What’s going to happen when he has kids? He’ll have his hands full completely and have no time for anyone but his own child. Gulbis you sound like a sour grape:(

  4. I read that Ernests just stopped drinking and smoking this year. No wonder he doesn’t like Nole—probably has alcohol and nicotine withdrawal. lol

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