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Boar drinks 18 beers, attacks a cow, then falls unconscious

Published: at 11:34 am
Modified: Sep 14, 2013 at 11:34 am
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Nebojsa Kocic

PORT HEADLAND – Campers were enjoying themselves in the nature, when they had an unexpected visit from a ”local” inhabitant. Though it could have ended very dangerously for the campers, it all went well, thanks to visitor’s drunkenness.

Photo from: www.feral.org.au

Photo from: www.feral.org.au

In the middle of the night, campers woke up and went out to see what is going on. They saw a wild boar and realized that boar drank their 18 cans of beer.

As the pig was “drunk,” it began to look for food scattering garbage bags and food, but a few moments later, it saw a cow and began to chase it around the campers’ parked car.

Pig got tired after a few laps and passed out under a nearby tree. After the unusual event, the young men called the police to take care of the drunken pig.


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