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Brazil not to change stance on Kosovo – Alexandre Addor Neto


BELGRADE – Brazilian Ambassador to Serbia Alexandre Addor Neto stated on Wednesday that there are no new circumstances which could lead this country to changing its stance and recognizing the independence of Kosovo.


In this respect nothing has changed, the ambassador said in a statement for Tanjug answering whether Brazil is still determined not to recognize Kosovo.

He said that the Belgrade-Pristina talks should ensure security for the Serb community in Kosovo.

The Brazilian ambassador, who is leaving Belgrade next week, said that his country advocates peaceful solution of all international conflicts based on universal democratic values.

Stressing that he is not the one to comment on the foreign policy of our country, the Brazilian ambassador said that he has no doubt that Serbia should join the EU.

During a lecture at the Institute of International Politics and Economics, Addor Neto said that the trade with Serbia is very small reaching barely EUR 100 million.

Great, great efforts need to made in order to strengthen the economic cooperation, Ador Neto said, adding that Serbia imports Brazilian products mainly through third countries, mostly Italy and Germany.

The ambassador said that Brazil, in spite of the world economic crisis, has managed to record economic growth.

Ador Neto also said that Serbs should learn that Brazil is not only a country of football, coffee and carnivals, while Brazilians should learn that Serbia is not known only for tennis player Novak Djokovic and footballer Dejan Petkovic, who enjoys great popularity in Brazil.


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