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Monika Seles got a mural in Novi Sad


NOVI SAD – Former world’s best tennis player Monika Seles got in her hometown of Novi Sad a graffiti-mural on the building in which she grew up.


Photo: 021.rs

In Novi Sad settlement of Liman 4, in Balzakova street number 16, a graffiti dawned in which, on a blue background, is drawn the image of Monika Seles holding a championship cup in her hands. The name of the famous tennis player is also written below the image, and below it is added: “This is where it all began”.

Authors of the mural are Milos Kovacevic and Jovana Petrovic, who told reporters that in this way they wanted to promote positive values in the society and in this way fight against stereotype that has been following Novi Sad lately – that it is a city of violence.

Monika Seles (1973) won total of 9 titles in Grand Slam tournaments, and in 1990, as the youngest tennis player at the time, she won the famous Roland Garros in France.

Her career was interrupted in a violent way by the fan of rival,Steffi Graf, at the tournament in Hamburg in 1993, when he stabbed her with a knife and badly injured her. After that, Seles tried to return to tennis in 1995, but she succeeded only partially in her intent, considering that the attack left serious psychological consequences, as well as death of her father Karolj, who was also her tennis coach since childhood and a great emotional support.

Monika Seles lives in Florida today and is the U.S. citizen since 1994. She helped the U.S. national team to win FED Cup in 1996 and 2000.


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