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Fake or not: Aliens landed in Germany?


An incredible video has appeared on YouTube, showing landing of a UFO. The video is so realistic, that most of the users who watched it believe that it is a fake.



Regardless, the video was quickly shared all over social networks and became very popular.

Allegedly, the UFO landed on a meadow in German city of Rotlingen. The video was posted today and it has already caused huge interest.

Have a look and tell us if you think it is a fake or not:


  1. I would really like it to be real………….I want contact…
    But people fake this stuff all the time.
    This looks good but in a digital world anything can be done to video

  2. Having seen two UFO flying Disks close up I am far from a disbeliever. The problem here is we have no other evidence but the video. The person who filmed this should have taken video of the landing sight. Much could be gained by collecting a sample of the spot – some soil etc. What we have here unfortunately is a video that could have been faked by a smart computer graphics guy/girl.
    The world is waiting for this so if your out there remember the more proof the better. If you are filming try and get conformation as quickly as possible if people are around try and get there reactions and names if possible. Whether this is real or not there is something going on in our skies that is not us.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

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