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A two-year-old girl bitten by a wolf in the Belgrade Zoo

Published: at 9:16 pm
Modified: Apr 20, 2014 at 9:16 pm
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Two-year-old girl was transported to the Children’s Hospital in Tirsova street, Belgrade, after a wolf jumped on her back in the Belgrade Zoo and bit her, Blic reported.

Belgrade ZOO - Photo: Новик А.Н. / Wikipedia

Belgrade ZOO – Photo: Новик А.Н. / Wikipedia

The animal, as the daily learned, was walked on a leash by O.M. (43), a volunteer at the Zoo. At one point the wolf suddenly snatched, jumped on the girl’s back and bit her.

The wolf is about 10 months old, and the incident occurred in the so-called “baby zoo”, in which he was housed with other cubs.

Walking of cubs of different animal species, including wolves, is a common procedure in the zoo.

“It is a polar wolf that was manually brought up and fed, it is not aggressive and acts like a dog. Otherwise, any individual that is aggressive is not released from its cage. We have been in contact with parents and we will offer help if needed,” Vuk Bojovic, the director of the zoo, told Blic.

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