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Last update: November 26, 2015 @ 6:53 pm CEST
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Koco Danaj


TIRANA - Albanian politician, leader of the "List for natural Albania" Koco Danaj, claims that war in Kumanovo, in the settlements inhabited by Albanians,...


Koco Danaj from Tirana, a proponent of the idea of creating a Greater Albanian state and leader of the List for Natural Albania, said...


The platform "Natural Albania" stipulates that Ulcinj is to be declared a free city between Albania and Montenegro, and thatthe  Presevo valley is ceded...


The founder of the "Natural Albania" movement, director of the Institute of the regional prognosis from Tirana, Koço Danaj, in the new swing of promoting...


MONTENEGRO - Albanian politician Koço Danaj said that Montenegro should leave eastern parts of its territory, mainly inhabited by Albanian population, so that territory would...

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PRISTINA - Shortly before joining the European Union, Serbia will be forced to recognize Kosovo, said British MP, Karen Lumley. Photo: "I would say...