On Monday Intel announced the next-generation of Thunderbolt transfer technology. It promises to bring 20-gigabits per second transfer speed to computing systems with new technology.


Driving the tech will be a new Thunderbolt controller, currently designated by the codename Redwood Ridge, which is expected to be integrated with Intel’s Core processor lineup this year. The next-generation Thunderbolt, code-named Falcon Ridge, allows for simultaneous 4K video file transfer and display.

Thunderbolt is the input/output technology that brings transfer speeds that exceed what is currently available with USB 3.0 (though not for long), as well as extending that speed across several devices at once.

Due to initial pricing of Thunderbolt hardware, which mostly consisted of external hard drive arrays, the interface remained out of reach for non-professional buyers. Adding to the tech’s adoption problems was Intel’s reportedly strict licensing practices.

Intel is preparing for production to begin later this year ahead of a 2014 release, and notes existing Thunderbolt cables and connectors will be compatible with the buffed protocol.


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