NASA STS-88 was the first Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS). It was launched on December 4, 1998 from John F. Kennedy Space Center and lasted until December 16, 1998.


It was flown by Space Shuttle Endeavour, and took the first American module, the Unity node, to the station. As STS-88 was the first space shuttle mission to ISS, it was remembered by history. However, it will be also remembered by strange photos that astronauts took with their cameras, and that are still available on the NASA web servers both in low and Hi resolution – Free for public review, and speculations.

When you see the photos, you can understand the “point of interest” and the reason for speculations, that goes from claims that it is nothing more than a thermal foil which broke apart from ISS, via space junk from one of the previous missions, to claims that it is UFO – Extraterrestrial satellite named “Black Knight” – by some internet users.

Photo from NASA
Photo from NASA

What is the real “Black Knight”? Black Knight was United Kingdom’s first indigenous rocketry project, vehicle to test and verify the design of a re-entry vehicle for the Blue Streak missile between 1958 and 1965. However, because of the speculation about what happened to it, and the shape of the unknown “Satellite” seen on NASA’s photos, internet community adopted the Black Knight name for this “UFO”.

First, once you start searching through the internet for the Black Knight UFO images official statement from NASA, you can learn that many people allegedly sent e-mails to NASA with the questions regarding, mentioned, so-called “Black Knight” satellite. Again allegedly, no one received the answer.

By not responding to the questions, and in the same time not removing photos from their servers, NASA placed fertile soil for many theories, that even today, 15 years later, rock Internet community.

Recently, someone uploaded on YouTube a video with compiled “Findings” which “proves” that “Black Knight” UFO is really UFO, that it is there 13,000 years and that truth is again hidden from the ordinary people. The whole story heavily depends on alleged broadcasting from Black Knight. But it is widely accepted theory in internet communities.

Now, if you think that we will debunk this story, you can stop reading. We will not try to prove it either.

Photo from NASA
Photo from NASA

Since there is always many untold, top secret stuff, and that many weird phenomenons happen every day, that no government will ever tell the complete truth about their real findings regarding sensitive matter that can shake the very foundation our World relies on, we will just write our findings regarding “13,000 year old Black Knight Satellite”.

The whole story about Black Knight depends on, as we already mentioned, alleged radio transmission broadcasting from this satellite that, according to some people, can be heard even today. However, no one seems to know, or avoids to share, exact frequency where it can be heard. But it is important – That Radio Transmission is the foundation of the theory. Story about this strange object in Earth’s orbit has unofficially began 13.000 years ago, but we will be back on this later.

According to public comments on various internet social places, first one to officially mention unknown broadcasting from outer space  was Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla in 1899. While experimenting with radio-waves, he noticed a signal, which was not coming from Earth.

According to bibliotecapleyades article, after his initial reception of enigmatic radio signals in 1899, Tesla worked for many years to perfect the receiving and transmitting equipment that was needed to better pick up and translate the possible alien broadcasts. At first the signals were nothing more than rhythmic sounds, almost a Morse code type of transmission he reported.

Photo from NASA
Photo from NASA

Around 1918, Tesla started receiving what he believed to be voice transmissions, except the voices he was picking up were not human. Instead, Tesla wrote  “The sounds I am listening to every night at first appear to be human voices conversing back and forth in a language I cannot understand. I find it difficult to imagine that I am actually hearing real voices from people not of this planet. There must be a more simple explanation that has so far eluded me.”

Dr. Hugh Mansfield Robinson, conducting a set of radio experiments in 1921, received intelligent signals on the thirty-thousand-meter wavelength. Ernest B. Rogers, the engineer in charge of the test felt compelled to state that “the signals were of extraterrestrial origin, as there were no sending instruments of that power on Earth at that time.”

In 1925 Tesla wrote that “I am hearing more phrases in these transmissions that are definitely in English, French and German. If it were not for the fact that the frequencies I am monitoring are unusable for terrestrial radio stations, I would think that I am listening to people somewhere in the world talking to each other. This cannot be the case as these signals are coming from points in the sky above the Earth.”

Radio enthusiasts in the 1920s discovered a phenomenon which they labeled LDE (Long Delayed Echoes). Signals sent out from Earth sometimes came bouncing back several seconds later, as if they had been reflected back by something in space. In a few instances some LDEs returned days, months, even years later. Researchers in Europe reported LDE’s in 1927, 1928 and 1934. The echo pulses were delayed from three to fifteen seconds.

Stop here! Let’s consider for a moment, that “Black Viking” IS broadcasting something, and that it is NOT LDE.

Photo from NASA
Photo from NASA

We tried to compile some information from the internet, and allegedly, when the Cold War started, both sides – the USA and the Soviets, paid attention to the signal (both of them knew about it) coming from Earth’s orbit. Since the two sides were trying to get to the space first, both thought that the signal is from a satellite undetectable launched by the other side. We cannot confirm this information since it is more hear-say, but you can give it a try.

In “Disneyland of the Gods”, by John Keel, he reports that “In February 1960 the US detected an unknown object in polar orbit, a feat that neither they or the USSR had been able to accomplish. As if that wasn’t enough, it apparently was several sizes larger than anything either country would have been able to get off the ground. And then, the oddness began. HAM operators began to receive strange coded messages.”

In 1965, Soviet scientists Gennady B. Sholomitsky, Nikolai Kardashev and I. S. Shklovskii, received world wide attention when they announced that they had received radio signals from beacons of some super-civilization in space. These signals, they said, were ordered and indicative of interplanetary intelligence. Later, other radio astronomers discovered that these signals were coming from celestial bodies that we now know as quasars.

In 1970‘s, a Scottish author, Duncan Lunan said that he managed to decode one of the transmissions, and that it corresponded to a star chart. A star chart which would have been plotted from earth 13,000 years ago, and focused on the Epsilon Boötis star system.”

HAM operators said that they don’t know what is it, Russian scientists heard quasars, Tesla heard people and Morse code, and Duncan Lunan deciphered Star System coordinates.  What’s more interesting and mysterious is that the chart’s coordination corresponded with Earth’s position 13.000 years ago, what is believed to be the close date of the arrival of  the ”satellite”.

Even though not likely, it can be, somehow, rationally explained. But now comes the tricky part. Apparently, in the message that Duncan Lunan allegedly decoded, there was something else – A Statement.

“Start here. Our home is Epsilon Boötis, which is a double star. We live on the sixth planet of seven, coming from the sun, which is the larger of the two. Our sixth planet has one moon. Our fourth planet has three. Our first and third planets each have one. Our probe is in the position of Arcturus, known in our maps.”

So, now we are spooked. Story about it sounds quite remarkable, but, there is no scientific confirmation of what it actually is, at least, we weren’t able to find it. On website where “Believers” hang out, everyone think that the story is more-less true, that satellite is extraterrestrial, that NASA teases us with those images (image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4). They also believe that Black Knight can appear and disappear from radars, and that it can be seen on clear sky at night.

On the other side, “Debunkers” believe that on images is shown nothing more than piece of thin thermal foil, space junk, bean size broken piece, or whatever else it can be called but not in any case an extraterrestrial object.

But why didn’t NASA give any official statement about this? People want to know!

Ah … If you stop and think for a moment, what difference will it make even if they post official statement to 15-year-old question? But we can tell you one thing – they certainly will NOT tell that it is “13,000 old Alien Spacecraft that points us to the planet of human origin”. Or else the next thing that would happen would be Cylons  invading Earth.

Who knows what is the Black Knight. According to the photographs, it doesn’t seem “natural”. It could be some space debris, really strange-looking asteroid, Chuck Norris’ toy thrown in space, or something fourth. Maybe the ”fourth” solution is the source for more UFO theories. Perhaps Lunan was right, but maybe one day we will find out what is this strange object  in Earth’s orbit.

Meanwhile, even though Knowledge is Power, Governments are wright – Ignorance is a bless too.


  1. I tend to buy into the 13000 year old star chart theory as it parallels information from Sumerian texts which are echoed in genisis which tell the story of Noah (Zusidra) also accompanied by a 13000 year old topographical map of the south poles land mass presented in the works of the renowned Zacaria Sitchen ‘Earth Chronicles’ where he provides compelling evidence that the Annunaki were in orbit at the time of the great flood

    • so you don’t believe in the Bible but you trust the Bible!? that doesn’t make sense…you know what else doesn’t make sense Duncan Lunan’s decoded message that is the only source for the info that that satellite is 13000y old, I liked the article it doesn’t crap, but it still recycles the only available info on the topic, and nothing is actually said to prove anything, apparently nasa is the only one who photographed it and the ones trying to hide it!? and also just so it’s out there INSERBIA Tesla was a Croat with Serbian roots… not serbian:P

  2. This is a disabled star ship stuck in the Earths orbit. The beacon is transmiting the origin of the culture who built the craft hoping that we would be bale to decifer the message and contact thier civilization. What I want to know is why has NASA not sent a probe up to exlore this craft? We have the tecnology to land a car sized robot on Mars but we can’t seem to figure out how to capture or explore this craft in out own orbit??? Somebody knows what this is they are just keeping the truth to themselves. Who gives them the right to hide the truth from us!

    • its currently stationary oper perth westurn australia and is so large i cant fit the whole craft on the eye piece of my telescope. the front of it opens up as a landing bay as far as i was able to tell as it opened up while i watched it over several hours. most stunning craft iv ever had the chance to look at. has such an amazing shape. you could fit a city in this thing id swear.

  3. Well I think it would be interesting to find this planet, this “our home is here” planet. I strongly believe this theory only because it’s the only logical explanation that makes the most sense. I believe we’re not alone. The universe is to big to say that we are the only ones here. That’s like saying the earth is flat and we can fall off at any moment. So I think I will just go and try to find this “our home is here” planet. I mean whts the worst that can hapen? I can actually find it…..

  4. this thing was reported 2 years before Sputnik so the space junk stories are ludicrous like most stories we get from the government.

  5. This could explain the gigantic bullseye in the middle of the nevada desert. A possible kinetic rod delivery system?
    Look up Project Thor

  6. My problem with this story is that I see pictures that seem unlike other pictures and claims of performance that contradict others.
    We are told it is on an orbit that is elliptical with perigee and apogee being about 1000 miles apart and then they tell us it is in polar orbit.
    We are told it was monitoring Sputnik two years after Sputnik re-entered the atmosphere.
    When the people who write these stories can agree on something then I will consider this a real story instead of some scifi fabrication based on normal events.

  7. Every civilization hints about visitors or Gods that do not originate from our home planet we know as Earth. How could they possibly explain something too advanced for their technologically limited vocabulary with any credibility in the 21st century? In this day and age, why do we still doubt? Perhaps the Dark Knight does maintain a polar orbit but why would it be strange for a satellite to move, on occasion, to “get a better vantage point” for something they find curious? If this thing is non-operational and waiting for help, how is it able to maintain an orbit at all? Orbits deteriorate, it would have fallen to Earth already. Let us ask ourselves why our government forced everyone to switch to “digital” television and radio? Why would our government want us off the airwaves? Why do entertainers keep their “religion” so secret and why the vast mixing of celebrity and government lately? What could protect the inhabitants of this planet from the mass destruction that is coming? Not everyone will die, obviously, but who is going to reorganize our species when the great changes come? (do you really want Tom Cruse as your leader?) Earthquakes, meteor hits, volcano, storms….things are coming to a head as foretold, our planet is not inert. The safest place to ensure survival of Earth’s inhabitants would be to get them off the planet during the change. Why would we build a space station and keep it orbiting our own planet? Why were we trying to build a space “shuttle” for hauling thing from the planet to the orbiting station, and why did we stop? (did we stop?) The deliberate destruction of two shuttles is a great cover story to enable this program to move into the “next step” without drawing attention. What makes anyone believe that we know everything that our government asked NASA to do throughout the space program? AND…why WOULD our government suddenly pull the $plug$ on funding this space program? Ponder these questions before dismissing this Dark Satellite as bogus.

  8. Dear: Fal’lynn

    You sir/madam, are a genius.
    I 100% agree with you on every level. The fact that no one is asking questions about all these mysteries, but are instead dismissing them outright – shows me that the people controlling our world have already won.

    You’ve got a world controlled by governments whom run their campaigns over airwaves controlled by news corporations. If you cannot pay for airtime (which is expensive as FU*K), you can’t run for office… Because you won’t reach enough voters to get a win. This is just a system of control: Ensure the world conforms to one system of communication and then plop the richest people in the drivers seat to dictate who gets to speak.
    Think about it.
    The airwaves are everyones, aren’t they? Then why is every news corporation owned by Independents and not governments? Seems to me that the people in office are at the leisure of news corporations… And that hardly begets an honest objective system.

    There are no avenues to affect change anymore. You can only (competently) run for office if you have the fortune to do so. In my experience.. Idealism does not often come from the rich.
    The poor are much better suited to affect change, because they see from the bottom up; people on the bottom will always see where change is needed most. Why? Because complacency does not befit those who must struggle against the laws of this world, just to feed their children or pay their rent.

    A poor man who is run off the road by a system designed to keep him down, is very likely a man who will desire to affect change. But how does a man without money do so?
    Work harder. Work two jobs. Save-that-money.
    Unfortunately, in this world – the more you make, the less you earn.
    Why? Taxation, baby. Overtime hours are taxed more heavily than regular hours – thus preventing you from making enough money for yourself.
    Where do your tax dollars go? Do you really think you have any control over that? Because I guarantee that no matter who you vote for… Taxes will be spent as the rich and powerful see fit.
    The more you start to question the way this world is run, the more you’re going to be frustrated by the lack of a way to change it.
    This is all just another instrument of control, created by the rich, stretching back to ancient times; rich nobles taxing their subjects to maintain a status quo for the rich.

    So, to bring a point to all this… The reason why there is no firm proof on all this, is because the people in charge of getting the information have ulterior motives. I won’t theorize on those motives because I don’t have to.
    The “Black Knight” is a serious relevant mystery that is within our reach to solve. The ‘Knight’ has been documented by news agencies and governments, It is most definitely there… We have all the necessary craft to investigate, but nothing is ever done.
    So instead of calling down the people interested in this mystery, call down your government for not investigating it. Because if it were me sitting in office, I would damn well investigate an unidentified object chilling out in our orbit. It literally scares me to death that no one in a position to find out what the heck this thing is, really doesn’t give a shit – and worse still are the idiots that laugh at the idea of a UFO and then switch on big brother, or go about their lives like living under a rock is safe.
    Those people are already dead. Those people have literally handed over their lives to a corporation.
    Those people have denied our government the responsibility to account for our safety as a society.

    You people might as well go shake the hand of an executioner, tell him you really don’t care what he does when you’re not looking, so long as it doesnt interrupt your life until you’re too old and fat too care.

    I weep for this world, because everything that is coming will be of our own doing – and its all going to happen without an ounce of protest.

  9. DaveL if i remember correctly didn’t God say that he left a sentinel for us !!! Im sure he didnt leave it on the earth with floods an earthquakes to destroy it !! Mayb think outside the square !! Black night satellite ( sentinel from our creator) makes mor sense to me than anything else iv read !!Think abt it!!!


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