Georgia government considering legalization of marijuana

“The Georgian government is considering the possibility of decriminalizing marijuana because bans could have the opposite effect in certain situations”, Georgia’s Minister of Labor, Health and Social Security David Sergeyenko said at a press conference on Friday, reports VoR.

Marijuana leaf.  Photo from:
Marijuana leaf.
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“As far as drugs are concerned, ban-related mechanisms very frequently entail the ricochet effect, which means strengthening, development in other directions. It is a topic that requires a well-considered strategy, and the legalization of marijuana could be part of it,” he said.

Many countries are currently considering the possibility of decriminalizing marijuana, the minister said. An appropriate law has already been passed in some of them, he added.

“Although the fact that we are discussing this issue today does not mean that we will wake up one day and will see marijuana on sale at supermarkets. Certainly, it will not happen this way. Discussions should continue,” Sergeyenko said.

Under Georgia’s legislation, people are convicted of they are illegally making and storing this drug for personal use, and they could face a fine, a community service term or up to a year in prison.