Germany: Thousands blockade European Central Bank in Frankfurt ‘Blockupy’ Protest

FRANKFURT — Thousands of demonstrators from the anti-capitalist Blockupy movement will seek to cut off access to the European Central Bank and other financial institutions in Frankfurt on Friday, to protest their handling of Europe’s debt crisis, VoA Reported.

Image from twitter user@@hronline
Image from twitter user@@hronline

The demonstrations in Germany’s financial capital come ahead of Europe-wide gatherings planned for June 1 and roughly a year after police detained hundreds of people for defying a temporary ban on protests at a similar four-day event in Frankfurt.

The movement’s organizers say they aim to “visibly disturb” the usual business of the ECB and institutions like Deutsche Bank, which they blame for the recession in the heavily indebted eurozone countries such as Spain and Greece.

“The ECB is part of the troika and is one of those institutions responsible for pushing austerity measures and making people in southern Europe suffer,” Blockupy spokesman Martin Sommer said.

The Blockupy movement in Europe came about after the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011. Protesters held a four-day demonstration in Frankfurt 12 months ago, coordinated from a camp set up outside the ECB’s headquarters.


  1. “The European Central Bank and the European institutions did not choose the same way this time. They strike Cyprus at the point which hurts most, in order to enforce the desirable and favorable policies for the expansion of neoliberal experiment which is repeated renewed in eurozone countries. The tax-haven Cyprus will be soon converted into another state controlled through debt by the European neoliberal economic empire, as the first necessary moves have already been done by the ECB and Mario Draghi. This is why the ECB announced that – despite the desicion of Cyprian parliament which decided (for the moment) to withdraw the “plan” for the haircut of deposits – will continue to supply Cyprus with liquidity. (”