WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton, according to the media, will soon publish her memoirs, and in them salacious details of her life, reports Daily Mail. Namely, former first lady admits that she is bisexual, that she fears she might die of brain cancer and that she disagrees with Barack Obama about the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Photo from: ajetun.blogspot.com
Photo from: ajetun.blogspot.com

According to a source close to her publisher, Hillary decided to make this move as a prevention, because she plans to candidate herself in the presidential elections in 2016. She has allegedly already received $14 million for this book to be published.

According to the same source, Clinton has decided to admit that she is bisexual in order to garner LGBT voters.

“Hillary Clinton will recognize not only that she is bisexual but also that she had lesbian relationships,” the source said.


  1. hi,Now that we can’t have Hillary God Bless you and lets pray for her though or she’s Hellbound.Well let’s pray that Romney is a good Christiam willing to clean al this mess up and illegalize same sex marriage for good and or Roseanne Barr!


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