PODGORICA – On Thursday night, about 9 p.m. unusual light phenomenon, bright orange lights was noticed above Podgorica, capital city of Montenegro, Vijesti.me reported.

Photo from: http://www.vijesti.me/
Photo from: http://www.vijesti.me/

Astronomers and meteorologists have no explanation for the illuminating body that in a minute or two suddenly changed its shape, size, direction and the speed of movement.

Photo from: http://www.vijesti.me/
Photo from: http://www.vijesti.me/

Radiated bright orange light was watched by several editors of “Vijesti” news magazine and captured the whole event on camera by their photojournalist Zoran Djuric.

Photo from: http://www.vijesti.me/
Photo from: http://www.vijesti.me/


Astronomer Igor Dajkovic said that he is sure that this was not a solid body, at least not according to the current knowledge of contemporary science.

“From the standpoint of my expertise I responsibly claim that this is not astronomical phenomenon. It has irregular movement, and there isn’t a single body on the sky, star or planet, which are fixed, that can make this kind of movement. Not even a meteorite has such movement and when it goes, it cannot change its direction,” said Dajkovic after he analyzed the photos.

He also said that not a single heavenly body can cause this kind of phenomenon.

“These phenomenons meteorologists usually describe by the term of ball lightnings. Again, this term is also pretty undefined and as such serves for various interpretations, so it is used to describe that something can fly even few meters from the ground, hover in place, move back and forward, etc.”

Dajkovic also recalls that for years in Sweden have been noticed similar phenomenon as one seen in Podgorica on Thursday night

“Scientists have been observing it, and it is determined that it moves in great speeds, and that is probably word about electricity. It had disappeared for several years and I heard recently that it appeared again, and has various interpretations – from aliens, to visitors from the future and ghosts. Scientists also confirmed that it is soft body and electricity, meteorologists might say that these are ball lightnings and it just stays unexplained.”

Meteorologist Dusan Pavicevic has ruled out the possibility that this was a ball-lightning.

“Although I have never in my life seen the ball-lightning, I thought this might be it. However, they are usually connected to the occurrence of a storm, and there was no storm on Thursday night,” said Pavicevic.

He also consulted colleagues from the Institute for Meteorology and Seismology:” The experts from the Institute for Meteorology and Seismology haven’t spotted any lightning or thunders. Even more interesting fact is that LINET system hasn’t registered any sort of lightning, and LINET is the most modern European system for lightning detection. One of the antennas of the system is set in Podgorica, and it covers area of about 200 km. It is very odd that even this extremely sensitive and accurate system didn’t detect anything. That is why explanation for this phenomenon should be sought outside meteorology.”

Pavicevic has also notified the expert on cloud physics, Mladjen Djuric, the professor on the Institute for Meteorology on Belgrade Faculty of Physics.

“Even professor Curic says that this is not meteorological phenomenon,” emphasizes Pavicevic.

Flight Control Agency will not give announcements

The Flight Control Agency of Serbia and Montenegro (SMATSA) could not confirm on Friday if this Agency has, on Thursday night, between 21 and 21:20h noted any flying object on the sky over Montenegro. Officials from SMATSA haven’t even replied questions about if it was registered, what was his distance from the ground, and neither if a single aircraft landed on or took off the Montenegrin airports.

The question about the height to which SMATSA surveillance the airspace was also left with no response. According to the unofficial information of the “Vijesti” magazine, in these 20 minutes, no airplane landed on Montenegrin airports, or flew over Montenegrin airspace.

JNA pilots chased UFO’s over Adriatic Sea

This is not the first time that unusual phenomenon has been spotted over this region. According to retired aviation general Blagoje Grahovac, pilots of JNA (Yugoslavian Army) in 1975. were chasing for weeks “aliens” above the shore of Adriatic sea, and these unidentified crafts were reaching speed of 2,000 km per hour. This unusual situations are described in the monograph “172. Aviation Regiment” written by a group of authors, led by the retired general-pilot Djuro Stupar.

“The aircrafts were visible at one point on the radar, and then they were gone in a second, but we could still see them with the naked eye. 37 years have passed, and I as a professional cannot explain the origin of these objects,” said Grahovac, former Assistant of the Chief of the General Aviation Office of Yugoslavia, who says that the personally encountered UFOs.

The first officially described case of the encounter of the JNA fighters with UFO was presented in the monograph written by the retired general of Yugoslav Air Force Zvonko Jurjevic.

“I personally followed one object which moved with the speed of about 80 km/h, and then it would in just few seconds speed up to 2000 km/h. It ran in the direction of the sea, towards Italy, and there was no way I could catch it, although I was also flying at supersonic speed,” wrote Jurjevic, Vijesti.me concluded.