Ancient pyramids discovered in Antarctica

Three ancient pyramids have been discovered in the Antarctic by a team of American and European scientists. Two of the pyramids were discovered about 16 kilometers inland, while the third one was very close to the coastline, media reported.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

An expedition to the bizarre structures should answer the intriguing question whether they are artificial or natural.

The first reports about the pyramids appeared in western mass media last year. Few pictures were posted on some web-sites with a commentary that the strange structures could serve evidence that the ice-covered continent used to be warm enough to have had an ancient civilization living there.

By the current moment little is still known about the pyramids, the team continues to keep silent about the discovery. The only reliable information provided by the scientists was that they were planning an expedition to the pyramids to research them more thoroughly and determine for sure whether the structures were artificial or natural. No details about the time frame of the expedition were offered.

In case the researchers prove the pyramids are man-made structures, the discovery may bring about the biggest revision of human history ever made.


  1. Our prehistoric ancestors was MUCH advanced than us today.

    Evolution(fairy tale) was just merely a cult-religious joke/Lie, nothing more.

    • Actually most religions don’t support the theory of evolution, but nice try. Play again sometime after you read a book

    • Moaik, careful your ignorance is showing, next you will be claiming Gods actually exist and one of them talks to you.

      • God does exist. A better word for God is light. Light is everything. It is even scientifically proven that you are light, energy. Everything has the spirit in it, where does your soul rest? By the way, it’s infinity. Old is new, new is old. There are spirits, angels, gods or whatever you like to call them, all around us, but some of us are, I suppose, ignorant and dead in the head. Only see money, greed and material things. Which makes me wonder, if you will live forever? If we are all within “the body of christ” and when your body is diseased, you cleanse it and rid yourself of the infection. Maybe, perhaps, you may never be back again…

      • Actually that’s pretty much a given regarding any of us. Etymologists believe Proto-Indo-European utilized 13 tenses, while Latin, a much more recent Indo-European language, had devolved to a mere 9 – something rather baffling in its complexity to the modern student.

      • Deb, what a great info download. We, immortal beings of infinite light are one yet many at the same time. In the beginning there was nothing. No matter, no energy, no space, no time. Our animated energized holographic environment didn’t exist. For Its own reason the Creator intended to create, that intention resulted movement, that movement resulted in what physicists perceive as the very finest particles of “matter.” Evolution of dimensions and the world of form began. From the One came the Many. Fragmentation. We have all gone to sleep within our collective creation. There are reasons why and how this occurred, but the bottom line is that we’ve gone to sleep and forgotten who and what we are, and of course, where we are and how and why we’re here.

        Death, destruction, greed and scarcity are polarized energy fields being played in by some; Light, expansion, “love”, and abundance is the other field. Yes, the controllers of humanity understand well the reality of spirits, animated mater realms, other dimensions. It’s only the people that have allowed themselves to fight and argue over “reality”. We approach an ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. Peace to you.

      • Dude, shush, they’re still writing the script. I think Scarlett Johanssen is picked for the babe that reanimates the fozen mummy….

    • I see no evidence to suggest these are not naturally occuring formations.
      As they say in Idaho, “Show me.”

    • loooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllll, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, LLLOOOOOOLLLLLLLL. what does prehistoric mean?

    • Maybe I’m the only one who read the comment from Moaik as he intended it to be read… I think his intention was to make the evolutionary theory following religious-like, not that it -was- religious, but those who fervently supported it did so in such a dogmatic fashion that it attracted ignorant supporters in much the same way as religion. People “believe” in evolution, which is silly, because “belief” in indicative of unsubstantiated thought. Evolution, while a viable theory, can not be 100% accurate as that eye-witness or accurate data collection was not present when changes were said to have occurred. The fact that pyramids exist in a remote and heinously wild environment in the world raises many questions: if humans made the pyramids down there, how did they get there? How did they transport the supplies needed? How did they survive the cold? Where are they now? Was it even cold at the time of construction? Were the construction workers even human?

      The only id**** here are the ones who saw “religious” and immediately ran to God vs. science.

      • The pyramids raise many questions, the first of which is whether they were man-made at all. That the pyramids occurred naturally “while a viable theory, can not be 100% accurate as that eye-witness or accurate data collection was not present when changes were said to have occurred.” Like evolution, we can collect evidence about whether these shapes can happen in nature, what forces are behind the process, etc. Likewise, it only makes sense to ask questions about who created them and why *after* you’ve established they were created by conscious creators with a purpose. Until then, we have “how.” As for your use of “belief,” the word means many different things. I “believe” in gravity because it’s been shown to work and explain the world around me. If you “believe” that you can walk off a roof without falling, I’d say your “belief” is a lot more “unsubstantiated” than mine.

    • Moaik,
      Apparently, your detractors would rather attack you for improper use of a language to which you may be new…than to argue the merits of your point.

      See also: Romans chapter 1 in your King James Bible.

    • Evolution is ongoing. In nature when things need to change, they change, and sometimes very rapidly. So being a conservative goes against nature.

    • It amazes me how many ignorant people make posts on comments without actually reading them first. Because Moaik mentioned that evolution was a religious joke, Levi and others immediately tell him religion doesn’t support evolution, read a book. First, Moaik indirectly stated he didn’t believe in evolution, so Levi, he was agreeing with you. Second, popular evolution and actual evolution are not even close to the same thing. There is great acceptance to survival of the fittest, micro evolution. Scientists while they may believe in God, cannot use that as evidence of his existence, or disproof of evolution. They can only base their theory’s on observation. Weather you are for or against Religion, Evolution or neither, society today is much more inclined to chastise someone on perception then actual fact. Instead of disagreeing, we seek to destroy any idea different than our own. civilization today is way behind civilization of yesterday. Ideas were once valued and debated civilly.

    • Evolution is not the theory. A scientific theory attempts to explain observable facts. Natural selection is the theory to explain the observable fact of evolution.

    • I have seen many four-sided pyramidal natural formations. I was a helicopter crewman in S.E. Asia, where many of these formations exist. Flying light planes is a hobby of mine. I have seen formations, as shown in the photo, in Alaska, and Washington State. Granted, they are not as massive.

    • ” People “believe” in evolution, which is silly, because “belief” in indicative of unsubstantiated thought. Evolution, while a viable theory, can not be 100% accurate as that eye-witness or accurate data collection was not present when changes were said to have occurred.” Sorry but people with a dog kenel or who breeds horses, pigs or whatever would seem to disagree with the eyewitness thing. They said “wow you are a pretty doggy” or “what a meaty piggy” and then they Selected that one anaimal to WIN out in that enviroment over the others and that animal brought its genes on and that resulted in the offspring looking pretty og having more meat. And the farmer/kenel guy is actually an eyewitness to this everytime. Evolution: proven since man started selecting who mates with who.

    • Evolution has gone beyond theory. We can witness evolution in controlled lab experiments. With respect to humans, we’ve already traced our fossil records back over a million years to very apelike creatures. Yet, some of you simpletons would rather believe religious fairy tales. Go away…

    • Those who support the Evolution Theory didn’t understand it’s entirety that’s why they still believe it.

    • There is evolution and then there is adaptation. Human’s have many different characteristics based on environment; be it skin color, size, or any other characteristics. Dog’s are the same way, as are other species. However, they are still yet of the same kind. A pig and a chimp cannot breed and create a human (no matter what Dr. Eugene McCarthy says). It’s not possible.

      But lets step back from that. We can argue micro/macro evolution all day long, and it all boils down to one person thinking they know more than another. Let’s talk about the “origins of life.”

      There are over 20 paradox issues with life spontaneously coming to be without intelligent guidance. Go educate yourself. Let alone the “big bang.” You have issue with 80% of the world believing in a god of some sort, yet you believe that in a complete void of nothingness (nothing, no energy/matter/photons, nothing, and yes it’s redundant) an explosion can occur creating matter & energy like magic. Check out the whole cause and effect concept.

      If you do a little research, you’ll find that no one can figure out how life came to be. There are about 10 million different theories on it (all rejecting god). And no one can figure out how the universe came to be, again, with the 10 million and the god doesn’t exist mindset. Maybe take a moment to step back to figure out you don’t know jack either. None of us do.

      • Well said, everybody is just running around with there blind pride and foolish emotions clouding there minescuel judgment to begin with. A wise man has the ability to shut up sit back and ask himself maybe this man knows something I do not. I see little wisdom in this world.

    • looking at a close-up of the outcrops they appear like solid rock formations not man-made pyramids

    • The force with which the academic world is unleashing the condoned paradigms on the world is one that does not allow for critical thinking, and it is therefore just as dogmatic as cult or religion in misguided ways could do. True science always fosters the finding of truth. Therefore there is no LAW OF EVOLUTION, which is the higher degree following the confirmation of a theory. But it is a THEORY OF EVOLUTION because it is flawed, so flawed that Darwin himself doubted it – but the world is not told about it. There are principles in this world at work which we humans at this time do not yet grasp. But there are scientists with open eyes and minds to seek answers beyond the limits of condoned academic and popular territory; because that is what science is about.

    • No, No, No….You are all wrong about this. My friend Larry and I built those in the summer of 69! we thought it was a cool thing to do at the time…..

    • “Our prehistoric ancestors was MUCH advanced than us today.”

      According to religion, there was no “prehistory”.

      “Evolution(fairy tale) was just merely a cult-religious joke/Lie, nothing more.”

      The vast majority of populous religions don’t believe in evolution.

      Anyone else think of something called photoshop?

    • Actually the only thing this proves is that Antarctica was once part of Australia and these are natural formations.

    • It really doesnt matter what religion does or does not promote. Facts are facts. Any religion loving person or any non religious person should be able to see that whether or not there was creationism, there was definately a Big Bang and evolution. Both can exist. Creationism could never exist without evolution.

      That being said…this is one amazing find and I, for one, can hardly wait to see what they are and of what era they are from. Can you go inside and what would be there…Im just amazed and happy!

    • “Unfortunately, the origin of the cell remains a question that is actually the mukiest aspect of the whole theory of evolution” Alaxender Oparin (Origin of Life)…

      “Can Matter Organize Itself? No! Today There Is No Circumstance Known Under Which One Could Affirm That Microscopic Beings Have Come Into The World Without Parents Resembling Themselves” (Louise Pasteur, Fox & Dose, Origin of Life)

      “If Numerous Species, Belonging To The Same Genera Or Families, Have Really Started Into Life All At Once, The Fact Would Be Fatal To The Theory Of Decent With Slow Modification Through Natural Selection” (The Origin Of Species p.302)

    • Arête
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      An arête is a thin, almost knife-like, ridge of rock which is typically formed when two glaciers erode parallel U-shaped valleys. The arête is a thin ridge of rock that is left separating the two valleys. The edge is then sharpened by freeze-thaw weathering, and the slope on either side of the arete steepened through mass wasting events and the erosion of exposed, unstable rock.[2] The word “arête” is actually French for edge or ridge.

      Where three or more cirques meet, a pyramidal peak is created.


    • Well, golly, can it be true that our “modern” civilization doesn’t know everything about our past?? Considering how many lies and distortions are in our history textbooks, it is no wonder that a new discovery like this is primarily iconoclastic (i.e. challenging evolutionary theory).

    • @ Mr. Potts….interesting to learn more about the pyramidal formations you saw while flying over Asia? Also wondering whether these others are actually natural, or themselves man-made? Though taken with a huge grain of salt, there’s a theory that ancient peoples built pyramids all over the earth along the grid of its “chakra” points, so the placement of the ones you saw would be interesting to plot and compare. Of course, those who worship science do not always see the forest through the atoms, and science can’t explain all the mysteries on earth or in the universe, of which we are but a speck of dust…science is pretty good at developing things that can wipe out humankind though.

    • Fairy tale? LOL. If you really believe that, next time you get sick or need a vaccination, go get some fairy dust and sprinkle it on yourself instead. If you understood evolution, you would know why vaccines and antibiotics are dependant on evolution.

    • I believe there is a such thing as evolution, but a species cannot evolve out of its own species. If we evolved from apes, how come there are still apes?

    • Evolution: proven since man started selecting who mates with who.

      DISPROVEN BY MANS INTERVENTION. Your proven fact requires human thought to intervenes and nullfies any natural evolutionary possibility. Microevolution is not macroevolution. Read a book.

    • Your entire statement is invalid, our “prehistoric” ancestors would be described as Cro-Magnon, what they are attempting to prove is that people lived here and left a “historical record” thus they would not be prehistoric. Also I seriously doubt that they had cell phones, laptops, mechanical vehicles that ran on fuel etc. Also the theory (note that word please) of Evolution is a scientific theory and is usually strongly denied by most religions and cults and is upheld by people who believe in what they can see and touch. So if you don’t believe in religion, and you don’t believe in science what is it that you do believe in?

    • I think the pyramids worldwide were built to stabilize Earth’s magnetic field for Terra formation to be possible.. Or they are meant to always maintain a certain magnetic field balance on this terra-formed planet

    • “I believe there is a such thing as evolution, but a species cannot evolve out of its own species. If we evolved from apes, how come there are still apes?”
      the theory says that humans and apes shared a common ancestor not that we evolved from apes.
      that question “why are there still apes?” is an old dodge put forward by people who want to discredit evolution that relys on a misperception of the theory.
      don’t fall for it

    • It seems like whenever I read a thread from an interesting article. People began to debate/argue over the most irrelevant issues. Especially those grammar nazi’s, I see them every where. I just think it’s sad and pathetic that someone has to go out of there way to put someone down. Sorry I mean “correct” someone. Your insecurities are spewing, all over something that I found quite intriguing. It’s just everyone wants to one up someone. show me isn’t from idaho. who gives a f***. come on. oops I didn’t proof read so they’re some grammar issues here. guantee it. no caps there. but I think the idea is clearly conveyed.

    • Evolution has nothing to due with intelligence when discussed within a short period like lets say ten thousand years. The Egyptians and Greeks were just as intelligent as we are and fully capable of everything we are today although they may not have made some of the same advancements.

    • I find it very interesting that these pyramids starting popping up around the world all around the same time frame, That in itself is quite an interesting fact to be studied. Next, keeping in mind that people supposedly didn’t even know anyone else existed all built the same designs? Seriously? Man just started to create pyramids all over the world that looked the same? No way! Just not possible that all of mankind came up with the same design at the same time without knowledge of what others were doing. Next, Lets wonder why china has been hiding pyramids for years, never letting anyone inside them? Why? and finally, when you look at the internal design of these things its clear they were not built to bury pharaohs. Energy source? Look at what we are doing with HAARP. BTW. is it really necessary to pick anyone apart to make yourself feel smarter?

    • Yes, our ancient ancestors were and ARE much more advanced than us.
      I want to share one example of their ancient technologies in ANTARCTICA that goes beyond our current capacity…

      Our ancestors had technology that terraformed the surface geology of Earth to create beautiful murals in the landscape that represent EVENTS of MONUMENTAL importance. (We do the same thing with art in our community to recognize significant people or honor historical events.)

      The link below shows a mountain in ANTARCTICA, 300 miles off the coast.
      From the heavens (using GoogleEarth), you can see that this is Inanna/Ishtar, Goddess of Heaven and Earth, kneeling on the lap of her father (An – God of the Sun) holding a chubby-cheeked baby, pleading on behalf of her human child creation. Clearly, he appears to be unhappy with her creation.


      See a closeup of her sad face in this next link:


      Did you notice the tear on her cheek in the closeup?
      She is 30 miles long. He’s 90 miles long. (Sumerians always use Base 6.)

      Realize that the terraformed mural represents an event of MONUMENTAL IMPORTANCE in our history (as shared with THEM). It was intentionally designed in this manner to transcend the shortcomings of language, overcome the potential for manipulation by political agenda, and withstand the sands of time. Brilliant!

      Not only does this magnificent monument correlate with Sumerian legend, it contains MORE information than the scribe was able to put into words in the Sumerian tablets! Genius!

      This is an exciting discovery, and these same types of monuments are located everywhere across Earth and Venus!

      We must learn how to both “hear” the words (text) and the “see” the picture in order to achieve a more accurate representation of the Truth of our heritage.


    • This looks natural. Now God made man in His image, God is not a monkey. There is not one ounce of evidence for evolution, if you believe there is your lying to yourself, wishful thinking on your part. Why, because you want to live your way and not answer to God. No matter what you believe one day He will judge you. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. You have no excuse, God’s creation is evidence, our fingerprints, our DNA. He left His signature on us. The Fool says in his heart there is no God (psalm 14:1) Open your eyes and wake up, Eternity is a very long time to be wrong. Whoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the Lake of Fire. (Rev 20:5) Jesus said “I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through me (John 14;6) You can trust Him with your life and your eternal spirit.

      • Boy, hard to believe in the 21st century, in this country, so many people cling to entirely unsupported mythology recorded by illiterate and superstitious old men – centuries after the purported occurrences.

    • Given a creation myth and then demonstrating an unwillingness to consider other data or science is an excellent example of religious dogma. I refer to the example of the creation myth that requires no “creator” other than chance resulting in the complexities of life we see today. Disciples of this godless religion of evolution will often flatly state that, even if given evidence that an intelligent Creator is at work, or evidence that the current religion of evolution is flawed, they STILL won’t change their mind as evolution believers. They are a proud faith system at least and they have no interest in science at worst. There is ample evidence on both counts and they, frankly, don’t want to be confused by the facts; contempt prior to investigation has them condemned to ignorance. I’ll entertain any adult comments of opposing view provided two questions are answered first…1) If scientific evidence contrary to evolution theory is presented will you consider the evidence? and 2) if evidence is presented suggesting the existence of a Creator will you consider that evidence? If you are unwilling to consider either then you are seeking to discredit opponent of your evolution religion rather than seeking to advance scientific thought. If that is the case the it’s important to answer a question for yourself…Is there ANY data that will cause you to reconsider evolution as something other than fact? If not then please stop proclaiming yourself interested in proper science. Your religion – or one of them – is either evolution or arguments in general.

    • Given the inherent probability that these are not man-made structures, the question is whether there is any point spending time speculating on what kind of structures they are and how they were built. Let’s put aside all comment for the time being until someone (provided they can get the funding, which must be doubtful) can collect data that will stand the test of scientific inquiry. Unless, of course, you want to use this as yet another excuse to rant about issues that have at best a tenuous link with the matter in hand.

    • I saw a documentary not too long ago that was linked to from a G+ page… they suspected that the earth’s crust was like the skin of an orange that wrapped “loosely” around the the core and they suspected that every so often the skin “slips” either because of or during a magnetic pole shift… I am not a scientist, but am doing my best to present the arguments in the documentary.
      They speculated that Antarctica could have actually been the lost continent of Lemuria that slipped several thousand miles south due to the “skin” shift. In other parts of the world, herds of Wooly Mammoth have been found nearly “flash frozen” due to the shift.
      In which case, Antarctica may not have always been under ice and snow… they show detailed maps from hundreds of years ago that show the exact outlines/details of the continent prior to ice and snow…

    • Yuhhuh. Pyramids in Antarctica. Right.

      Hey, I remember when I first read the Mountains of Madness by HP Lovecraft too – but I didn’t go around trying to make all of those fantasies a part of reality.

      Ohoh, wait…I can hear the small army of uneducated, pseudo-science loving, gullible rubes headed this way now. Get ready guys for all the episodes of Ancient Aliens you can handle in text format! Get out your tinfoil hats everybody!

      Yeah, we’ll talk when there is EVIDENCE that wasn’t based on a YouTube video and some guys making random claims.

    • -We are each not but individualized points of spirit.
      -All in All is consciousness – All in All is God.
      -We as individualized points of consciousness ascended the long ladder of expanding comprehension – from the single cell to the son of man – We have traversed millions of incarnations to reach the human level (you do not go back down).
      -Atom: the throne of Spirit; All solid matter is in in fact illusory; this is the veil of the cosmic motion picture.
      -The Earth takes 24,000 years to complete one cycle; Dharma of mankind rises & falls at this frequency.
      -Beyond this physical universe (1st Sphere) lies the luminous astral world (2nd sphere); this is where we will all go at death.
      -After much great spiritual refinement one may ascend from the astral heavens into the causal world (3rd sphere) and becomes the Son of God; where one hath a body of the five electricities and is granted the power to materialize entire galaxies – even as the creator.
      -After thousands of years in the vast causal worlds; one may move into the highest (5th Sphere); where one is unified eternally with the One Infinite LORD God; this sphere is entirely beyond the comprehension of Any man. Lo, Jesus had won this final freedom. This is the final resting place of every single one of us. Amen??

  2. moaik, advanced prehistoric ancestors does not negate evolution. most likely scientific data from investigation will contradict current official scientific thought and what they want the public to know. then perhaps accused of being a hoax!

  3. there is a better chance of the h.p. lovecraft book at the mountains of madness being based on fact than man made pyramids being found in antartica.

    • Why do you say that? Where is the evidence that this is a hoax? There have been discoveries in Antarctica– which, by the way, used to have a subtropical climate– which show that there were indeed highly advanced civilizations there, and also, how is it that this era in which we live is the first one on this Earth to be as advanced? What happened 10,000 years ago? 20,000? I fully believe that humans could have been technologically as advanced as this time in history many times in the past. What about the continent of Atlantis, of which many, many structures still remain at the ocean floor? Open your eyes, people.

    • saturnx311: “how is it that this era in which we live is the first one on this Earth to be as advanced? What happened 10,000 years ago? 20,000? I fully believe that humans could have been technologically as advanced as this time in history many times in the past.”

      I’ve thought this many times. Case in point: Giza pyramids…still only theories as to how they were constructed and what they were actually used for.

      Lot’s of theories! And some interesting ones at that! 8)

  4. The revision will most likely be just how far the human species has migrated and how advanced they were…not evolution…

  5. Moaik: According to your grammar skills, you may be correct. When I read your comment, in my mind you sound like Cletus from The Simpsons.

  6. Moaik,
    Go dig around in the museum collections of bones; read good paleoanthropology; read the electron microscopy and core sampling of the earth; read about physical adaptation (scientific definition); think about the things you see and feel in your own body and world. Then you can begin a good discussion with others. Knowing the steps it took to create the world as we know it does not in any way negate God.

  7. Uber Vlach, no these pyramids, if real, do not negate the myth of evilution, the myth of evilution negates that absurd fantasy. No one has ever observed a reptile laying an egg w/ a mammal inside and they never will. What is observed today is adaptation, NOT the same thing. After all, birds remain birds, cats remain cats and bacteria remains bacteria. What is considered history, is a lie.

    • “What is considered history is a lie” welp there go any religion that uses a bible as “historical evidence” as a lie so now that we have established you aren’t religious what makes the theory of evolution evil? Is it the fact you don’t understand adaptation over millions of years is evolution? And also while true reptiles lay eggs without a living breathing creature inside we can observe the cells dividing and multiplying until the creature is mature enough to break out of the egg how does that prove history a lie?

    • Look up the monotreme. What you propose is impossible, but isn’t what evolution proposes either. The monotreme is a primitively evolved mammal that still has a distinctly reptilian trait. It lays eggs. So, of course, nobody sees reptiles laying eggs with mammals in them. You can “disprove” anything if you make up some absurd qualification for it.

    • jesus was a necromancer
      religion = power and control
      pyramid means civilization
      god vs. science is stale
      grammar isnt everything
      justsomeguy and moaik i liketh you style

    • No one has ever observed a reptile laying an egg w/ a mammal inside and they never will.

      Trivially true, but meaningless. You are arguing against a cartoon version of evolution, not the actual biological definition. No evolutionary biologist claims that reptiles gave birth to fully-formed mammals in a single generation. I don’t know where misconceptions like this originate; they certainly don’t come out of actual biology textbooks.

      What is observed today is adaptation, NOT the same thing.

      If that adaptation is to the genome, and those adaptations are passed on to successive generations, then yes, that is the same thing. It is exactly the same thing.

      The distribution of inherited traits in a population changes over time; this is the fact of evolution. We see this happening in modern plant and animal species in real time. These changes don’t have to result in the creation of new species to be considered evolution. Given enough time and distance they eventually do, but that’s not what defines evolution.

      The theory of evolution is that variation (due to genetic mutations and recombinations) plus various forms of selection (natural selection, sexual selection, etc.) are the drivers of that change.

      After all, birds remain birds, cats remain cats and bacteria remains bacteria.

      Do they? On the scale of human lifetimes, sure. But we have pretty good evidence that birds weren’t always birds; or more correctly, that the bird species we’re familiar with today are ultimately descended from a group of bird-like dinosaur species. Modern cat species are ultimately descended from an earlier, non-cat carnivore.

      The evolutionary history of prokaryotes like bacteria is pretty messy, since bacteria species swap genes at the drop of a hat.

  8. Absolutely no inferences can be made yet until these features are studied. Anything else like a few of the posts here on which folk have such definite opinions. All that can be said at this point is “maybe…” The rest is prejudice.

    However, it would explain the Piri R’eis Maps.

  9. This has nothing to do with religion or faith! If it’s a real man made structure, it’s merely new data that allows for a better understanding of human evolution. Science is built to incorporate new information. Faith cannot.

  10. The only thing that I see that appears to be a “hoax” is the idea that spelling, grammar and English are still taught in the schools. Besides, this isn’t a photograph of a pyramid in Antarctica, that’s ridiculous. It’s a photograph of a pyramid on Mars.

  11. Impossible, the Antarctica has been there for well over 20 million years, humans have existed for a little over 2 million years, they are 100% natural, the continent has never been habitable other then in the most recent of years, it has without a shadow of a doubt never been lush, warm and green enough to maintain a human population,

    • Maybe if you study a little about continents and their movements during the ages, you’d know that the antarctica has dwelled even around equator millions of years ago. But it’s always best to yell IMPOSSIBLE first and then shut your ears from other opinions.

  12. Seems like a natural mountain to me for now
    If ever the expedition finds out it’s something man made then that would be really exciting…human history will need to be revise

  13. Before any determination is given, I for one would like to validate information. History is not what modern academia portrays in many a class room. I have an open mind and prefer to question rather than make bold statements, one is a restriction of thought the other an expansion, however many megalithic structures where on geographical lines circumventing the earth, further more built to the proportionality of mathematical principles, this picture looks very close to Pythagoras equation of the great pyramids, so would not come to any conclusion before further homework, however the lines of the angles though proportional are a little ragged, that may be due to erosion?

  14. It looks like a natural structure to me. If it isn’t then you can all start arguing. Try not to be dogmatic either way.

  15. These structures were probably built by the Anunnaki. They’ve left these across the globe and into Mars as well.

    • This is GOD speaking. You guys are to go no where near my pyramid…i keep my weed there! thanks. -The Big Guy

  16. Why don’t we all jus let the researchers and the scientists so their job to determine what they are instead of getting into a heated battle of religion and history ,,, soon enough they will tell us and the world what they are,, everything else is just assumption !!!

  17. I have to say this. God made the world, the galaxies, and man. Why is it so inconceivable that God could make mankind evolve? just because man evolved, does not mean God did not do it. It just means that man evolved. Period. I do not believe we came from apes but I do believe we looked more like them than we do now.

    • Agreed Candace,in fact the stories of creation say we have to find our wayback to God/perfection,so we would have to evolve?

  18. ….heard someone also built a human face mountain on Mars…and a circular orb to visit our skys everyday…

  19. Guran…

    Idaho is “Famous Potatoes”; it’s MISSOURI that’s “Show Me”

    Despite the bs on this whole page…

  20. From what I read, its still up in the Air if they are man made or formed thru glaciers. Forgetting the religious or evolutionary theme. If they are man made, it could be possible they were made when almost all scientist agree Pangaea was around. Allowing travel to be easier since they would not have had to cross large bodies of water,, and for the ice for all we know the climate was not what it is today, know one knows until they investigate. from what we have seen from pyramids that we know of I believe these may be geological made since most of our seem to be correlated with the starts and these seem to far apart for that, cant wait for the expedition, so all of us know it all opinionated fools can know the truth.

  21. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth “Predicted” this. Describing 12 locations around the Globe of pyramids existing in a power grid. The ones we knew about and ones, such as this one, that had not even been guessed at. The Tablets are at least 5500 years old being referenced by other ancient writings and/or hieroglyphs (most notably, MOST of the Egyptian’s). And yes, “the globe”, The Tablets and the book of Enoch (circa 2500BCE)both refer to earth and other space bodies as being round. Stop me if you’ve heard this one…There’s a God and another God walking in a garden…..sorry.

  22. I’m sorry. It cannot be a photo of a pyramid in Mars. That would indicate the existence of water on the red planet, not to mention an observable atmosphere. That would create the discussion of life on Mars, which at that point would become extremely likely. Don’t start more confusion for the millions of gullible internet-connected people.

    • Matt you are aware that Mars has polar caps with frozen water right? Or that Mars was much like Earth until its core cooled down and stopped functioning causing the atmosphere to disappear. The same thing is happening to earth every year the core cools down and hardens more and more but that’ll be thousands of years before that effects us. Mars is a smaller planet and the process was faster.

  23. Thinker make me angery. You think UFO pyramid like Noah ark. St**id god evolve so how do YOU explain that?

  24. Well! Evolution or not, the point here is ancient civilizations and these ancient ones existed, and we are rediscovering them bit by bit? The Piri Reis map was presenting Antartica before glaciation as a warmer climate so, that there was people living there is only logical.
    Pyramids has been found everywhere recently, in Japan and Cuba and Azores (all under water), in… Was it Romania (?) or around there
    , south America, etc… We would be pretty sufficent to think we are the first to live on this planet as it would be sufficent to think we are the only one in the universe.
    As for English language and spelling errors, just think that there is also other beings in the world besides english speaking americans and that these people make the effort to learn and speak your language. The important thing is to express ourselves and be respected to do so.

    • Great comment. The science navigators (please, don’t mind me calling them this way) were also winding themselves now for years about the pyramid finding in Bosnia. All was discredited, until the stream of those fearless true scientists would not stop, and they confirmed that so called Pyramid of the Sun to be more than 20,000 years old. There is still much to discover, and the more we lose the fear to step into new uncharted territories, the better for mankind.

    • Xplorex, thank you for the mention of the Piri Reis map. The age of that map is not really known, nor who really made it, however, it does depict an accurate outline of the Antarctic Continent…which could only have been known while uncovered with Ice, and the fact that it is as it would appear from a few hundred miles up in space…and the map was known as far back as Columbus’s time…

  25. This land mass was not always at the bottom of the earth. It could have very well been populated when it was located in a more northern position.

  26. Both, Postreader and Ceri Anne, are so far the only ones who could be witnessed using the mental faculties in acceptable manner. The rest (forgive if I saw someone as sharp minded as those 2) are the very reason the cabal wants to call in the Great Culling and cleanse the world. 95% or more, Ted Turner wanted to see 2030 only 600,000 total world population. Now think again before you permit your mouths to interfere with your requirement to use your brains.
    For those delusional science-mobs who run after evolution there is a good lesson to pick up. Watch some lectures from Lloyd Pye, some titled “Everything you know is wrong”, and then come back when you understood what the geneticist confirmed through writing. If you ever understand the chromosomal alteration, then you should be struggling with your world perception. If not, eat further the TV- and Media-Dung and vent your winds through your mouths. So many seemingly intelligent people and all just part of the Orwellian Doublespeak.

  27. I have always thought that humans have been around alot longer then alot of religions and school books teach. and not just roaming around as apes waiting to evolve i mean actual civilizations and advanced technologies. I also no for a fact that the world is always changeing, and continents move. its possible that that places that would seem enhabbital, were once flourishing with life. But so much knowledge has been loss due to extream disasters, like floods or an iceage, or land be swallowed into the ocean.

  28. More interesting to me regarding Antarctica and the ancients is the Piri-Ri’es map. FYI it’s a map used by Ottoman navigator and cartographer, Piri-Ries, that was based on ancient unknown sources which somehow accurately plotted the coastline of Antarctica long before the ability or invention of instruments to see through the ice. The Piri-Ries map has been extensively documented and researched in the book “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” by Charles Hapgood. Hapgood was the first scientist to come up with the theory of continental drift for which he was roundly criticized at the time but has since been vindicated.

  29. it’s obvious to me that is a natural pyramid. the structure is not well defined.
    it’s all drama just to keep people wandering.

  30. June, Chris, Freddie, Rid Eidson, Herbert, Kyle, Klaatu, peeps; Build, Grammar and Hoax this…..”I AM THE QUEEN OF THIS MOUNTAIN”!!! aaarrrrrghh.

  31. Theory doesn’t mean “guess” or “belief” it is based on solid scientific principles, unlike religion. The theory of gravity exists because there is no proven reason as to why objects tend to attract to each other, and why such large masses have such large (gravitational) pulls. We only know what we observe.

  32. Why do people think that the existence of evolution would immediately cancel out the existence of any God. If God exists then that somehow disproves evolution? Why? People only assume this because, many people believe it opposes the Judeo-Christian creation model. For those of you who actually read the Bible you’ll remember it states, that we were all formed from the dirt of the earth. Which is exactly accurate. Most modern Christians are so stupid that they say NO! GOD WENT “BING” WITH HIS FAIRY WAND and HOW DARE YOU SAY I CAME FROM A MONKEY! I say how dare you look down on a monkey. “ANIMALS DON’T HAVE FEELINGS!” Obviously these people don’t have any pets, or they are just that blinded by their faith. (I’d bet half the people that believe this have a pet that they believe loves them, yet never saw the contradiction.) Now evolutionists, what’s your issue? How could anyone be so stupid as to think that evolution somehow disproves the existence of a creator. That’s equally ignorant. Evolution requires a source. Same issue as before, and the “Big Bang” is not a source that’s a SIZE and a SOUND! So creation was loud and big. Wow that’s some good science! Evolution proves there is a god of some kind, and Christian doctrine supports evolution. (Whats the difference? Time scale? Dirt is superior to monkeys? Monkeys don’t also come from dirt?) People are SO blind to the world around them because of their beliefs; I get SO angry. I want to live in peace in a world where our religion matches our lives. I want to go to a temple and join in love, but there is not temple for people who believe in obvious truths. All we have is people who practice complex rituals and believe in distorted dogma. Then we have the people who hate them and use science as a way to lash out against them. I invite you all to join the future world religion. We worship the Creator, we revel in wisdom, and we treasure our origin. There is a voice from the void, and when he speaks its “loud and big”. He didn’t write your Bible. People just like me wrote your Bible. You live in what he wrote.

    • Thanks Vex – at last some sound reasoning; looking past the view from the Earth and from con
      strained human thought origin

  33. Most of you, on this thread are “knobs.” It’s a hoax – your sense of reality is skewed because you don’t bother doing your bloody homework!!! Man, what kind lives you must lead – you slam people who chose to be religious? LOL [link]

  34. @Venicemonitor – Actually you didn’t do your “homework”. It is assumed (but not confirmed) that “Pyramids” are Nunatak – Google it. And I stress ASSUMED, since it has all characteristics of Nunatak but for this one it is not confirmed – at least I don’t know that anyone confirmed yet. So to be clear – It is “pyramid” PROBABLY made by nature – and in that case it is called NUNATAK – and it will stay that way until someone proves that it is man made.

    • Just for the record, the name for this type of pyramidal mountain is a glacial horn. Probably the most famous is the Matterhorn on the border between Switzerland and Italy in Europe.

      Opinions are like a••holes, every body has one.

  35. It is funny how when something is put into a box people won’t think about anything outside the box. This world may have changed due to things like polar shift, climate change, continental drift,meteor strike, or close contact with other celestial bodies. the world of ten thousand years ago may have been different than the one we see today. the Idea of intelligent design is also not christian, but was first stated in Darwin’s Origin of the species.

  36. WHO are these scientists, what are their names? What is this scientific expedition that they are on called? Who funded this research? What Universities or government institutions, if any, are they affiliated with? A couple vague paragraphs and one picture of a snowy pyramid are far from convincing. If you want people to take this stuff seriously, you have to back it up with facts, documentation, and evidence. There aren’t even any links to where this information came from.

  37. What’s big fuss about this? It was popular last summer. Every six months the same s*** is popular lol. It is Vinson Massif, and the images that started everything were this one: [link] and this one: [link] Someone talked about expedition there just because of these man-made/monkey-made/alien-made/nature-made/whoever-made pyramids and noone heard from them since then – Go conspiracy theorist!

  38. After reading about half of these entries I truly am ashamed of the human race. We only get a small time on this earth, so just live your lives. Do not waste yours and my life.

  39. The Piri Reis maps shows the Antarctic without ice. Plato also told tales of people in the Antarctic, although he did not call it by that name.

  40. Scientific fact has proven that aliens from the star system, Sirius, used anti-gravity technology and Yeti slave labor to build pyramids — aligned in latitudinal symmetry — to harness the earth’s geo-magnetic energy as they travel between the realms of dimensional enlightenment. All that remains are the folklore, stories and occasional “sightings” as humanity regresses at a mind-numbing pace towards oblivion……earth; the interstellar, energy-producing outpost……:-/

  41. I swear, if they come across the words “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” ANYWHERE near one of these pyramids, I am moving to Mars!

  42. Why whenever there is an interesting discovery made, instead of us all being inquisitive and seems we more often than not seek to turn it into God vrs Science? This is either a fantastic natural formation or one of the most amazing discoveries in human-kinds history? Why cant we just enjoy the adventure and see where it leads us instead of putting our heads up our backsides all the time?

  43. What is remarkable here is how the few intelligent people are without the following wisdom: NNever argue with a stupid person, they will bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

    May the wise learn to ignore the ignorant.

  44. For all you bible thumpers. Your bible was written by men. Translated numerous times by men. Ever heard of the game called telephone. Open your eyes. If there is a god. Its probably not anything like your story book says.

  45. I have read your bible and found it to be a book of pornographic fairy tales. The Eloks built the pryamids in the snow with the help of ronald reagan before his brain rotted and some dinosaurs too, but ask any conservative they will tell you it is Obama’s fault…

  46. Nobody has even proven they are man made yet so all of you should pull your “science vs. Religion” panties out of your butts and stop letting your ego driven synopsis on life and existence degrade the individual perspectives of your fellow humans. TROLLS.

  47. Hard to tell from the photo above how big this A) mountain or B) structure is. Looks huge, as in can’t possibly be manmade. So, let’s think about what Moaik posted, what the (possible) context was for his post. Were our ancients more advanced than we are? How was/is this possible? My first thought was, if these turn out to be manmade, they are, like the Egyptian pyramids, not manmade at all, but constructed by aliens. As in, pyramids function as landmarks, visible from space. Certainly by land, but more to the point ->from space. Yeah, I know, some people don’t believe in the existence of aliens. I do. The Universe is vast beyond our imaginings & it doesn’t compute that we are its only inhabitants. So, I’m going with ->if these turn out to be constructed, not formed from upheavals of our land masses, then they were constructed by aliens, not humans, to function as landmarks, to be visible from space.

  48. Many of the comments on this interesting topic are proof of evolution. Social media, a change in our environment, has shown in just a short period of time that people are losing their intelligence at a geometric rate. The more they say the dumber they get…either that or people have always been idio*s and social media has just brought it to the forefront. I know which one I’m going with…

  49. “In case the researchers prove the pyramids are man-made structures, the discovery may bring about the biggest revision of human history ever made.” The Biggest revision ,if made by God’s chosen liars, will still include the Hebrew Slaves lie.You can change history all you want but the lies and liars remain intact .

  50. I am not really sure if any of this is legit. I did a quick search for “Pyramids Discovered Antarctica” and the only sites that came up were those of a fringe/conspiracy/new-age sort.
    I found no reputable scientific sites that carried any information about this discovery… which I find suspicious.
    If this is in fact an actual discovery why isn’t it being discussed on a university site? I suppose that my search didn’t use the correct keywords, but “Pyramids Discovered Antarctica” should have come up with something. And I went into 10 pages of results with nothing but fringe sites listed.
    I doubt that this is legitimate as the article above does NOT list who the researchers are, nor does it list any institution or university that they represent or work for. Even if they were just individuals they would have wanted their names attached to this announcement to make it part of an effort to generate corporate interest and thus MONEY to sponsor an expedition to explore the pyramids.
    Based on a cursory examination of the photographs available these could very easily just be a natural occurrence.

  51. The frequency of grammatical errors in this string of comments is painful. God’s probably not real; evolution is probably true. No one knows whether these ideas are correct or not, but the arguments supporting Creationism have literally no fact, whatsoever. In addition, they generally rely on trying to find one or two minuscule inconsistencies in a rather long string of provable and reproducible conclusions.

    These pyramids are cool in any situation; maybe they’ll find God in there.

  52. Anyone worried that these structures, if they exist , are apparently showing up because the ice is getting thin? Is that the red thingy on the turkey when it’s been cooked showing ?

  53. “Not of this world…”
    “Made in His image…”
    The Great Flood…
    Power Hubs of the world…
    Great things to consider, here! Has anyone checked the ley lines map of Antarctica?

  54. So many empty cans.
    So much rattling.

    PS – pretty sure this is a viral marketing thing from Aliens vs Predator or similar

  55. Pyramids are all over the globe due to Ancient Kemet. afrikans circumscribed the globe for thousands of years and they even speak of being in the anarctic as well as every other continent. These are not aliens or prehistoric people. It is however ancient Afrka. (Kemet).

  56. Look up “horn glacier”. Its as natural, as it gets. Take it from a geo-nerd. Although they did pick a pretty angle and cropped the picture just right.

  57. These have been seen before…pretty clear they were built by the alliance of Antlanteans and Martians, with a little help from rogue Egyptian mummies.

  58. There are ancient maps that show Antarctica without ice, supporting the fact that life could of been possibly been sustainable there.

    • The YouTube video is a bit long, but goes into detail about those maps. Also states that Antarctica could have been lost island of Lemuria that ‘slipped’ south due to a magnetic pole shift. Interesting, they state that Antarctica could have lots of secrets buried.

  59. Playmaker, can a possibility be a fact? Did you mean to say Life could HAVE?

    I found the article interesting. However, it’s quite sad that people are so ready to attack those that don’t share their opinions. Is that a form of fascism?

    Paul Harvey is really funny.

  60. Is it entirely non fiction?? like some might protest?? there are pyramids still on earth and our “marvelous” scientists still dont know how to replicate them or how they were truly built. perhaps we should keep in open mind to the facts, because I think Humanity is in for quite a shock to think that there modern calender of events is going to explain all that has occurred on this planet/.

  61. The person who headed up the first expedition Professor Dyer is kind of a crack pot so I doubt that this story has any really hope of resolving what with him trying to get it cancelled and all.

  62. Interesting commentary – I learned a lot from the specifics – Does anyone know where my company could possibly get ahold of a blank CA FL-411 example to fill in ?