BELGRADE – Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic delivered recognitions to municipalities which proved most successful in the voluntary blood drive actions and stated that the success achieved in the action shows the goodness and nobleness in the Serbian nation.

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Addressing the crowd at the celebration of the World Blood Donor Day, Nikolic said that world and European statistics often rank Serbia high on negative lists, including the most sensitive statistics, such as negative birth-rates and average age of the population.

This is not as simple as the rich and famous think it is, Nikolic said and added that the image of the society, the country’s citizens and their collective consciousness and system of values can be created in a number of ways.

One of the images which fill Serbia with pride is the record of the Red Cross of Serbia, the president said and added that there are 75 volunteers per 1 employee in the Serbian Red Cross, while the average ratio in other world countries totals 1:10.

According to him, the awareness that voluntary blood donations save lives is exceptionally pronounced in Serbia and Serbs, who always show solidarity in difficult times and are selfless when it is needed most, have the habit of donating blood.

In this respect, Serbia is a record-holder with over 80 percent of permanent and nearly 20 percent of new blood donors, the president said.

He delivered the recognitions to most humane environments of Pozarevac with 7 percent of blood donors relative to the number of citizens, followed by Kanjiza with 6,6 percent of blood donors, Belgrade neighbourhood of Zemun with 5,63 percent of blood donors, Backi Petrovac with 5,60 percent of blood donors and Backa Palanka with 5,35 percent of blood donors.

President of the Red Cross of Serbia Dragan Radovanovic stated that 3,600 blood drive actions were organised this year which gathered 4,500 volunteers and yielded 241,471 blood units.


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