SARAJEVO – An unprecedented case happened on Saturday in the Sarajevo neighbourhood Boljakov Potok. During the football tournament, 51-year-old Dusko Krtalica, goalkeeper of one of the teams, complained of the pain in his head, believing it was consequence of hitting his head on the goal post, reported Serbian daily Kurir.

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However, he did not even dream that he was wounded during the match with a bullet from a gun and that the entire time he had a bullet in his head.

After the match Dusko complained that his arm was numb and that he had difficulty speaking. He was taken to the hospital, and from there he was transported to the Department of Emergency Medicine Hospital in Kosevo. Doctors were shocked when they saw bullet in his head in the X-Ray.

“During operation a foreign body was removed from the head of the patient. After the surgery he was transferred to the Intensive Care in Neurosurgery Clinic. For now his vital signs are stable,” said Biljana Jandric, spokeswoman for Clinical Center of the University in Sarajevo.

Police, after learning that Krtalica was wounded, inspected the football pitch in the neighbourhood Boljakov Potok and determined that day three weddings were held in the area, and that on one of them was used firearm, from which, most probably, Krtalica was wounded. Police officers examined the terrain thoroughly and found 12 shells that were fired from a gun. 42-year-old Sejno Ligata was taken into custody, and “crvena zastava” (red flag) nine-millimeter gun, otherwise known as “long nine”



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