BELGRADE – A total of 17 projects that received European grants for the development worth EUR 3.5 million will be realized in the Danube municipalities in Serbia, it was said Saturday at a presentation of the project dubbed “Socio-Economic Development of the Danube Serbia Region.”


There is huge untapped potential for the economic development of the Danube municipalities in Serbia, for promotion of tourism and cross-border cooperation between 14 countries through which the river flows, Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Vincent Degert said at a celebration on the occassion of the Danube Day.

He stated that projects of modernizing the information system for navigation of ships on the river, removal of unexploded ordnance left over from the wars and gravel removal to raise the water level, which is essential for navigation of large ships, are realized in the scope of the project for the development of the Danube region worth EUR 19.5 million.

Degert pointed to the most important projects on the Danube in Serbia, such as the construction of Novi Sad’s Zezelj Bridge, in which EUR 42 million is being invested, and the completion of the Liberty Bridge in the same city, in which EUR 41 million is invested. Both bridges were destroyed during NATO bombing in 1999.

He also said that the EU strategy for the development of the Danube was adopted in 2011 and that Serbia has contributed a lot to the realization of this strategy by proposing many projects.

Austrian Ambassador in Belgrade Johannes Eigner said that both the Danube region and Serbia need innovative and clearly focused projects and ideas for the use of the river’s resources.

It was also said that the projects which received grants for socio-economic development of the Danube region in Serbia will be implemented in the field of agriculture, tourism and environmental protection, and that 325 people will be directly employed to do these jobs, while 1350 workers will be employed indirectly.