BELGRADE – Coach of the Serbian National Team, Sinisa Mihajlovic, said that he doubts that the public will remember him for a few years in this role.

sinisa mihajlovic selektor


“I do not think anyone will remember me working as a selector. In Serbia we want it all and right now, and the average age of players in the national team is 21 – 22. We rejuvenated selection, which is the youngest in Europe, and has a great potential. Maybe the guys are not aware of it. When I became the first coach I said I want to rejuvenate the national team, because I am convinced that Serbia will have a team in the next seven to ten years to be one of the best in Europe, ” Mihajlovic said in the talk show” Ljudi” (People) on B92.

He commented on something that follows him from the first day of a position coach and that is the importance of singing Serbia hymns.

“How does it feel to sing the anthem? It is as beautiful as it can be. All the talk about how much we love Serbia, but when you need to show … I know there are many people who disagree with what I said, but if you play for the national team you can not represent a country only partially. I’s why I brought the code of conduct. When I played on the team that did not matter, everyone was doing what they wanted, and I do not want that, ” added Mihajlovic.

Speaking about the nationality, said that only one time he was ashamed of being a Serb.

“When the game between teams of Italy and Serbia in Genoa was interrupted, that was the first and only time I was ashamed that I am a Serb,” he said.


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