BELGRADE – Serbian dance/pop singer Ana Stajdohar has released new single called “Neko kao ti” (Somebody like you) and performed it in the most popular Serbian TV show “Vece sa Ivanom Ivanovicem” (Night with Ivan Ivanovic).


The song has great potential to become one of the biggest summer hits on the Balkans, as it simply pulls the listener to dance to Ana’s voice and the music, which is no surprise as the previous song she released, “U mraku” (In the dark) was also a success.

Ana first presented herself to the public in 2008, with the duet “Beli Jablane” which she recorded with singer Aleksa Jelic. Later that year, Ana participated in Radio Festival with her single “Zute sandale”, that officially marked the beginning of her solo career.


Soon after, she was invited by Ivan Ivanovic to become a part of his TV show. Ana has been appearing every Friday in the famous show, where she performs covers of some of the most popular pop and dance songs as well as introducing her own music.

As her solo career got a TV boost, she recorded her second single “Nisam tu”, being both composer and lyricist, and after a while, third single, “U mraku”, again writing both music and lyrics. As this song got great reactions from the audience, she decided to make her first solo video, which eventually found its way to MTV Adria’s TOP 20 chart list.


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