In many European countries, hundreds of fire fighters and emergency services, as well as armies, have been mobilized to help clear roads, assist with evacuations and put up anti-flood barriers, VoR Reported.

Germany – Photo: EPA

In Prague, rescue workers, aided by the army, have set up flood barriers for the first time since the devastating floods of 2002. Hospitals, retirement homes and cultural institutions as well as the zoo are being evacuated across the city.

“The situation is very serious,” acting mayor Tomas Hudecek stated, as water levels in the Vltava, the river that flows through Prague, reached 1,513 cubic meters per second. During the 2002 floods 5,000 cubic meters was flowing through the city every second, according to the Prague Post.

One woman is known to have died and three rescue workers are missing after the southern part of the Czech Republic was hit by flash floods. Forty southern cities and towns are on maximum disaster alert.

Elsewhere in central Europe, at least four people have died or are missing because of floods in Germany and Switzerland according to the Associated Press.

In Taxenbach near Salzburg, rescue services were still searching for two people believed to have been caught in a landslide – a farmer on a tractor and a woman in a car.

In Germany, the Danube and the upper Elbe have burst their banks. In Baden-Wurttemberg, two persons are missing. In Passau, Bavaria, the Danube is flowing at 9.3 meters above its normal level. A number of central streets are covered with water.



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