Last Friday, five tornadoes hit the US states of Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois. The number of victims is currently estimated as at least 19 people. Thirteen of them were killed in Oklahoma, three storm chasers were among them, VoR Reported. Rescue works are still on the way, although it is not ruled out that more victims may be discovered.

The TWISTEX crew and the vehicles on equipped with mobile mesonets. - Photo from: Wikipedia
The TWISTEX crew and the vehicles equipped with mobile mesonets – Photo from: Wikipedia

Tim Samaras, 55, a leading storm chaser and founder of the tornado research company Twistex, was killed in the Oklahoma City suburb of El Reno along with his son, Paul Samaras, 24, and Carl Young, 45, a Twistex meteorologist, according to a statement from Tim Samaras’ brother, Jim Samaras.

Five tornadoes touched down in central Oklahoma and caused flash flooding just 11 days after a twister categorized as EF5, the most powerful ranking, tore up the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore and killed 24 people. Severe storms also swept into neighboring Missouri, while Moore experienced only limited damage.


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