“A ceremony to pay last respects to him will be arranged next week; its time and place will be announced later,” announced Arkady Volozh, Yandex CEO and major shareholder, on the corporate weblog, VOR reported.

Ilya Segalovich

“The remains of Segalovich will be brought to Moscow from a London clinic on Wednesday. The death of his brain was registered at 1:30 AM. Moscow time on July 25.”

“The death of the brain and absence of breathing – that’s the modern technical definition of death. Existing medical technologies give a chance to keep the body alive for several days on artificial ventilation. This is done for relatives to have time to say farewell. But it is a state of no return. There has not been a single case of revival after the death of the brain,” Volozh wrote.

“The only hope that we had was a mistake of diagnosing. Yesterday all hopes were lost. Even such a strong body as Ilya’s succumbed. The changes in the blood were no longer compatible with life. He had to be given a chance to leave with dignity. The doctors turned him off yesterday, his heart stopped,” Volozh wrote.

Segalovich had been diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer last September and was responding well to treatment.

“A tumor was discovered in his head last week. On Tuesday-Wednesday cancer spread to his meninx. Malignant meningitis caused irreversible consequences – his brain burned out in less than a day,” Volozh wrote.


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