Novak Djokovic is enjoying cruising the Adriatic, recharging his batteries for new tennis challenges, and, as he said, thinks a bit about “tying the knot”. The best tennis player in the world revealed for magazine “Hello” that he speaks with his long-time girlfriend more and more often about marriage.


“We have been together for eight years and we are planning joint future because we really love each other very much. We provide emotional stability to each other, which helps us in our professional careers,” said Novak, and that things are going the right way, confirmed Jelena:

“We spoke about the wedding, that is natural course of things. Our mutual feelings lead us to it. When we have children, they will inherit excellent genes from both sides, because my mother was Olympic champion in handball. I am very proud of Novak, no matter what he does.”

Everything is ready for the big event, but it still remains to be seen who will be the best man. Andy Murray was mentioned earlier, Novak’s great rival, but also a great friend.

Recently, Jelena Ristic did a photo shoot for British “Figleaves”. Photograph promoting beach clothing did not leave Novak indifferent.

“I was a bit jealous. I was with her at the photo session and asked if the beach program perhaps revealed too much. However, it turned out that everything worked out great. Jelena is beautiful,” said the world’s best tennis player.


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