One kilogram of the marijuana can be bought “wholesale” in the Albanian village of Lazarat, famous for the production of narcotic plants, at an average price of 350 euros.

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To those who export the marijuana, it is sold at a price of 500 euros. For larger groups, which have motor boats, and smuggle marijuana into Greece and Italy, the price is 800 euros per kilo.

Interestingly, for the Italian groups, marijuana is being processed, since it is being sold for a much higher price. The average price of marijuana in western countries is about 5 euros per gram, EUR 5,000 per kilogram in total.

Denovive Stefano Bostoni, Chief of the Italian Air Force units in Tirana, said that Lazarat, also called “cannabis”, annually produces 900 tons of marijuana, mainly of Dutch varieties, which brings profit of 4.5 billion of euros. The most problematic areas where marijuana is grown are around the area of ​​Valona, Shkodra, Tirana and Durres.


In July 2012, Albanian police started the operation for the extermination of narcotics plants in Lazarat, and throughout the country. At the time, 5 thousand cannabis sativa plants were destroyed, and five people were arrested.