PRISTINA – KFOR and Hungary have reached an agreement that Kosovo’s airspace will be controlled by the relevant Hungarian authorities for the next five years, reported Tanjug, quoting Pristina daily Tribuna.


Kosovo will not be able to control its own airspace for at least the next five years, writes the daily, noting that based on the agreement reached by KFOR and the Hungarian authorities, all civilian air transport services in Kosovo’s airspace will be controlled by Hungary.

The agreement gives Hungary only the control of civilian air transport, but excludes military aviation which remains under the control of KFOR.

An unnamed NATO official told Tribuna that both Pristina and Belgrade were informed about the intent to sign the agreement with Hungary.

NATO officials told the daily that the agreement might enable the opening of Kosovo’s airspace to civilian flights to which it has been closed since June 1999.

This was when, following an armed conflict with Albanian separatists and NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia, Yugoslav forces withdrew and international forces (KFOR) entered the province, and the UN Interim Administration (UNMIK) was established in line with the Kumanovo peace agreement.