BELGRADE – The Lidl German discount chain has bought land in Belgrade to build a supermarket. However, Lidl officials did not want to reveal the exact location of the new shop to be opened.


They confirmed the purchase of the land in Belgrade, and they stressed the company has excellent cooperation with local authorities in Serbia, who provide all the necessary help and deal with completing all the bureaucratic procedures as soon as possible.

The company has bought land in Valjevo, Subotica, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Nis and Smederevo.

Despite rumors, Lidl is still not looking for workers, but when the time comes, information on job vacancies will be published on Internet job portals and in newspapers, so that the interested parties can apply. The opening of Lidl in Serbia will bring new jobs as well as healthy competition.

Officials also did not wish to discuss the time frame for opening the supermarkets. At the Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction of Belgrade, officials said that there is still no information as to when the new supermarket chain could open its doors to its customers.

The only information which they have is that Lidl had several requirements for the size of the site area and facilities for the delivery of goods by trucks with a total weight of 40 tons and a length of up to 18.5 meters.


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