According to Italian media, actress Monica Bellucci has had a romance with the president of FC Beitar, Telman Ismailov.

Monica Bellucci

The beautiful forty-eight-year-old actress, who recently announced that her marriage to actor Vincent Cassel is over, unofficially had an affair with this famous businessman from Azerbaijan.

According to media, their love story began in 2009 when Monica traveled to Turkey to open a luxury hotel located right next to the complex owned by Ismailov.

The fifty-seven-year-old Azerbaijani is known for being a womanizer. He captured the public’s attention when he paid Jennifer Lopez half a million euros to appear at his birthday celebrations.


  1. I don’t believe in this history. It’s far away from reality that Bellucci has divorced from Cassel because this russian elf…The truth is this marriage was already beyond expiry date. In the interviews, we can feel that ,one have nothing in common with another. They lives in different countries! And kept an “open marriage”. Well, I don’t believe in some modernities about marriage…


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