BELGRADE – Serbia has officially confirmed 27 patients with West Nile virus. Patients, all from Belgrade, are placed in the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases and most of them have inflammation of the brain, says prof. Dragan Delic for Serbian daily Blic.

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Delic says that the clinical course of the disease is unpredictable, so it is hard to make any prognosis.

He says significant number of patients do not show any symptoms of the disease, about 80 percent, and 20 percent of patients have clinical signs of the disease, fever, vomiting, enlarged lymph nodes.

According to him, the essential feature of this infection is its seasonal character, so doctors expect contagion during July, August, September and October.

He added that large number of patients has been discharged and they will come on regular checkups.

Delic says that the most serious forms of the disease – infection of the central nervous system, meninges, spinal cord are rarely seen and one of 250 infected patients has neuroinvasive form.

Samples of mosquitos in the city of Pozarevac yesterday revealed the presence of West Nile virus, so, on the recommendation of experts from the Institute of Public Health, the treatment against mosquitos will begin today.