NEW YORK – The best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, said in an interview with the American magazine The New Yorker that he is a great patriot and stressed that Serbia does not deserve the treatment it gets from the world media.


“I do not say that Serbia is the best country in the world, but it surely does not deserve such treatment from the world press. I, who grew up in Serbia, know the history of my people. I know how many wrongs have been done to our people,” said Djokovic, among other things.

He added that he tries “not to judge to these people” stressing he is sure that they are not well-informed.

“This is all the consequence of media vilifying Serbia in the last twenty years,” Novak said.

The New Yorker published the story of Novak’s life and career in nine pages, and in short description it says Novak is a “sportsman, entertainer, humanitarian, patriot and family man, the most prominent Serb in the world, the man who leaves no one indifferent” and believes a hundred percent in the philosophy of life that “You attract things by the way you think, you are the same as your thoughts”.

The author of the text recalls that Djokovic has been the world’s number one tennis player for eighty-five weeks, and besides Wimbledon he won thirty-six more ATP titles, including three Australian Open titles and one US Open. In 2011 he achieved something that many consider as the best season in the history of tennis:- he won seventy of seventy-six matches, recording forty-one wins in a row, and has not been defeated before the semi-finals in Grand Slams for the past three years.

The Serbian tennis player said he is very religious, that the late Patriarch Pavle was one of his role models and that he never parts with the wooden cross and rosary that he acquired in Hilandar.

He pointed out that his visit to this twelfth century monastery, founded by the first Serbian Archbishop, Saint Sava, where he stayed with his father and brothers in 2009, meant a lot to him.

“This is the holiest place I have visited in my life. We spent our days praying and walking, we ate twice a day… It simply brings you back to your roots and yourself,” said Djokovic.

He also said he has plans for the future and that, after he ends his professional career, he sees himself “above all as a family man”.


  1. I know all too well about Serbia’s great injuctice courtesy of Michael Savage’s: The Truth About Kosovo & Serbian People. This is easily available on Youtube, and what the Clinton’s did to Serbia is beyond unforgivable! A stain on America that cannot be undone.

  2. Bravo No1e Djokovic, my hero in this life of turmoil and often great despair. You are an inspiration to millions, and we are “Fans Forever!” This proud American fan, will sing your praises endlessly for your Tennis gifts, and the fine man that you are!

  3. That DIRTY DIRTY war more than justifies the proverb: “The first victim of war is truth”!!! So much Geo-political/religious maneuvering and so much money dumped into the ‘propaganda machinery’ had created an illusion of “Angels & Devils” when in reality it was diabolically wicked war ran by Big Powers from “outside”!

  4. Novak finally came out and said IT. He just couldn’t stand it anymore. And that is the way it goes, the older you get, the more the injustice boils inside you.

    I wish that Novak could go on to become the President of Serbia. He is a born leader with real integrity.

    In 2008 Novak had the courage to go to Kosovo and protest after the Albanians declared it independent from Serbia. There were elements in the media that really went after Novak then in a vicious way. No tennis player in the world has to bear the huge mental burden that Novak does. He is amazing.

  5. Good for Novak! I hope the truth about certain injustices will finally reach those who have been misinformed for so long…

  6. For all you who want to know more about Serbia and learn of some injustice, there is a good documentary on youtube called “The Weight of Chains”

    Here is the link to it: [link]

  7. Bravo Nole,Your courage to speak the truth is very courageous and commending! I just hope that there are still some pe ople left who truly desire to know the truth as the truth actually is. How ever many are either frightened or simply do not care but prefer to listen to propaganda and lies. I pray that our Lord God will protect you and bless your courage and truthful fight for justice. Many Blessings!

  8. Well, the ordinary people in Serbia, talking about these last twenty years, were manipulated by the Serbia’s nationalistic media, and primarily the nationalistic political elite, talking about Milosevic’s era, that, for example, the Srebrenica Genocide is not real, still, there are so many on-going denial techniques among the citizens of Serbia unfortunately. Anyway, as such, and being sort of a part of all this in this line, it was natural for them to be percieved by the world audience, media and political elites coming outside of Serbia as being bad, or morally guilty for not-taking a stand for the suffering of the people in Bosnia, for instance, and from perspective of humanity. So, i beleive you will resolve this in the near future, by saying I am sorry to the victims, by taking distance from the negative nationalism, and by showing greatness as Novak in tenis, does, for instance. Best!

  9. I am just wandering what happened to over sixty serbian villages around Srbrenica before the so called “srebrenica massacre” ???
    Is it true that all the serbian people menwome. and children were brutally killed and then the actual Srebrenica happened???
    I would very much like to know. the truth.

    • Islamist mujaheddin used Srebrenica a designated Muslim `Safe Zone’ s a military staging base to attack and decimate surrounding Serbian (Christian) villages. Previously in 1994 Islamists used the same tactics in Gorazde. This is documented.

      Read US Congressional Report – `The Truth About Gorazde’ [link]


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