Syria: Rebels brutally execute truck drivers [video]

Al-Qaeda terrorists had filmed their execution of three innocent drivers near Iraqi-Syrian border and posted it on line. According to a YouTube video uploader, the Free Syrian Army members (Al-Qaeda) killed the men just because they did not say a prayer correctly.

YouTube Sceenshot
YouTube Sceenshot

The unverified footage, which shows the extent ofthe  brutality exercised by the Takfiri militants operating inside Syria, shows a group of al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front Takfiris blocking a main road inside Iraq.

In the film they say that they have come from Syria. The militants stop a number of heavy trucks and start interrogating the drivers about their religion.

The frightened drivers claim to be Sunnis. Shortly afterwards, when they are found to be Alawites, a Shia offshoot sect, the Takfiris shoot them dead at close range. The trucks are later set on fire.

The video comes as Abu Mohammad al-Golani, a commander of the al-Nusra Front, has threatened to target homes of the Alawite community with rockets.

“On top of that we will prepare a thousand rockets that will be fired on their towns,” Golani said in an audio recording recently posted on YouTube.

Since the outbreak of the deadly unrest in Syria in 2011, several video clips have been released showing the grisly crimes committed by terrorists against innocent civilians in the war-torn country.

WARNING: Disturbing Content


  1. I hope the US wont go in and support people like this, let Assad take care of them…People who does such a crime in the name of Good/Allah or any other person should have their whole family tree erased from the surface of this earth

  2. These aren’t muslims dear. Because Islam do not preach all this. Islam teaches us to forgive and forget. These are people not related to any religion of the world. Because no religion in the world teaches us to kill innocents the way they did. May Allah ask them for what they did!!!

  3. The Jugement Day will came, I wiil thank all time to God because I AM A CRISTIAN ORTODOX and i will not sorry for this demons who kill everything, The is for them, enjoy the trip you demons, even we are die, we are with God, you dmeon , you will be alone and will veryy paintfull beacause the soffer of conscience is very hard, to die is easy but to soffer forever is HARD

  4. I cannot understand what we are supposed to do with this situation. Obviously, the committing crimes under the banner of Islam surely is not what a sane Muslim would believe. So why don’t these sick, sad monsters just man up and say “We just wanna f*ck you up, ‘cuz we think we can.” and be done with it. To use a religion as their motivation is just juvenile.
    As for what my gut reaction is for action? Terminate their sorry existence with extreme prejudice.

  5. I watched this video dozens of times and cannot begin to comprehend
    how anyone can commit such a horrendous crime.Makes you wonder of the
    culture produces such animals.