Mahmoud Ahmadinejad working as professor again

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a man who has been one of the most powerful men in Iran in the last couple of years and gave the West headaches through his fiery rhetoric about Israel and the development of the Iran’s nuclear program, has returned to his original profession, teaching.

Photo: RTS
Photo: RTS

After the expiry of his second term he decided to withdraw from political life and start working again as a professor and teach at the University of Science and Technology.

Photo: RTS
Photo: RTS

A situation where the highest state official and a man who wielded enormous power subsequently returns to his  humble position as a university professor job is hard to imagine.

However, the former Iranian president now takes the a bus to work every day and, judging by the photo, looks content.


  1. That’s different from professional politicians in the West that actually have no skills whatsoever and depend on bribe money.

    • Right. Because this guy was oh so skilled. Professors in America are required to research, teach and work beyond their subjects. I wish my country tried to take their model, but too many fools like you refuse to accept superior ideas unless their your own.

  2. The author clearly has no idea about Iranian politics. The Iranian president has almost no power, all the power is in the hands of the “Supreme leader of Iran” / “Guardian Jurist of Iran” / “Leader of the Revolution”, which is always a cleric and always elected by a group of clerics.


  3. A p*ycho*ic man who wants Israel to be nuked to oblivion is now teaching impressionable young minds directly. Fantastic.

    • Everybody want to nuke Israel not just Iran, maybe it’s time for some self reflection for the chosen people of Santa Claus

  4. I thought this was great. However, I wonder what language he will teach in. I am /guessing/ English, but perhaps there’s some detail I’m ignorant of? E.g. does Ahmadinejad know a little Serbian?

  5. This is the first time I have seen such a CLEAN Professor’s Office Table – or may be it was the first day at Work!

  6. Who needs a bunch of stuff on the desk when you’ve got a brain and a heart and experience? What good is a bunch of papers, if they’re full of lies and propaganda? Jesus Christ didn’t have a desk full of papers, but He taught folks. Ghandi didn’t have a desk full of papers, but he taught some too…This is a man someone could learn from if they’d listen. The real Godly Jewish folks Love him. Why don’t the ‘chosen children of Santa Claus’?