BELGRADE – The special envoy of the German Foreign Ministry Ernst Reichel stated on Friday that Berlin has no conditions for Serbia’s EU path nor did it ever had them.


Reichel also expressed the belief that Germany will not change its policy toward Serbia after the forthcoming elections.

The Bundestag has a strong consensus on the goals of Germany’s policy in the Western Balkans, in which Serbia would have a key role, said the special envoy from the German Foreign Ministry for Eastern Europe, Turkey and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) States. Germany wishes Serbia and the region to establish peace, without conflicts, he noted.

When asked to comment on the recent statement by German MP Andreas Schockenhoff who said that Serbia is not ready to launch EU accession talks, Reichel said that the points to which the German MP drew attention are correct.

Reichel said that the obligations which Serbia needs to fulfil by December are well-known, and added that they derive from the Brussels agreement reached on April 19 and the plan for its implementation.

We have made considerable progress on the path, Reichel said and expressed the belief that Serbia would succeed in fulfilling all its obligations by December. Nevertheless, at this point the obligations have not been fulfilled down to the last one, he noted and added that this is the reason why he cannot contradict Schockenhoff.

Commenting on the initiative by Germany and Great Britain which is often mentioned in the media, according to which the chapter on Kosovo should open in the accession talks, Reichel said that he does not see anything contradictory in having the process of normalisation of relations with Kosovo run parallel with the accession talks.

It is not contradictory for the further normalisation of ties with Kosovo to run parallel with the EU accession talks, so that the conclusion of the negotiations could end in a situation which can be characterised as complete normalisation of relations, he said.

Reichel did not wish to anticipate the date when Serbia could count on full EU membership.


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