Men are usually gentleman enough and would never admit to their chosen ones if they are not exactly skilled in providing oral sex. Thankfully, everything can be learned.

All interested Moscow ladies who are willing to set aside about 3,500 Russian rubles (about 85 euros / $113) have the unique opportunity to attend a course called “The Art of oral sex”.

During the course, they will get three and a half hours of intense training during which they will learn how to use lips and hands to bring their partner to ecstasy that they will never forget.

Also, in this school is taught how to properly put a condom and other sexual skills, along with learning all of the “important spots” on the men’s and women’s bodies.

“Our goal is not only to teach the standard and advanced techniques of oral, classic and anal sex, but to teach you in fully how to use the erotic potential both your own and your partners,” says the advertisement for this school.



  1. So..where is the school that teaches men how to give oral sex to women? Because in my view that’s much more needed…:) In the meantime, the gentlemen reading this might enjoy, and benefit from, what is in my view the best guide to eating pu**y of all time: [link]

    • Agreed. My wife says she just needs to find a girlfriend so she can get some good action. My opinion is that positioning is more difficult for guys. A lot of way just seem hard on your neck.

      • And blo*jobs can be hard on your jaw, Scott.. :) Do check out the link to the Vice guide to eating pu**y above, which is bloody brilliant, and re positions, mix it up – try it with your wife on all fours and you going down on her from behind, or else her above you – find the position that has both of you more comfortable for a reasonable period of time (because yes, it does tend to take longer…). Have fun experimenting :)- but what I do advise is, spend time on lots of other foreplay first so that by the time you go down on her, she is really really really turned on and then it’s likely to be a lot quicker to orgasm. Porn gives a lot of men the impression that going down on a woman IS foreplay. I spend a lot of time saying, ‘Don’t touch me down there until I’m begging you to touch me down there’ – taking it slow and getting a woman seriously turned on for a good period of time before you go anywhere near her pu**y generally produces good results. :)

      • Heh heh. Michael Douglas’ claim has not been borne out by medical science – nor the claims of many more women claiming bl*w jobs do that :)

  2. Bravo for the ladies for ensuring their men’s happy ending…now if only we could return the favor as gentlemen. I would be a happy volunteer for this class…(you thought wrong)

  3. I think all women would benefit if MEN would learn that intercourse alone is not enough. Foreplay is what every caring partner should engage in.


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