Serbia and Bulgaria in Copenhagen played a match for the bronze medal. Both teams wanted to recover from defeat in the semifinals and to leave the championship with a medal on their chest.

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Volleyball teams of Serbia and Bulgaria played the comforting finals at the European Championships in Denmark and Poland. Each match for third place in the championship has a special significance, the winner wins a medal, while the loser goes home empty-handed, RTS writes.

Serbia started the championship not so well, losing to Slovenia. As the time passed, Serbian team began winning. The tactic of coach Igor Kolakovic and effort of young Serbian team led Serbia to the match for the finals. Unfortunately, Serbian volleyball team was defeated by Russia (3-1) in the semifinals.

Bulgaria also played well, but was stopped by Italy in the semifinals (3-1). Bulgarian team hoped that they will be the ones who will take the medal home, even the bronze one.

In a thrilling match, with many turnovers and dramatic moments, Serbia won Bulgaria by 3-0 (25:22, 32:30, 27:25).


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