The liaison officer of the Government of Serbia in Pristina Dejan Pavicevic said he is not a diplomat or ambassador, because Serbia’s position on Kosovo’s status has not changed and Belgrade does not recognize its independence.

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“I am not a diplomat, I am not an ambassador. The position of the Republic of Serbia on Kosovo is very clear and my job, actually, is not that… Serbia has not recognized Kosovo, and nothing has changed there,” Pavicevic said in an interview with Al Jazeera channel in the Balkans.

On the comment that his role – given that he is the first Belgrade official who serves in Pristina – could be considered historic, Pavicevic said that he came to Pristina to try to change something and provide assistance to micro-plan and facilitate communication.

“I hope I will succeed in what is expected of me and what I might somewhere imagined that I would actually be able to do, to help someone on a micro level, if it is one man, two men, 100 people who have some problem, that I might be able to ease the communication. That I might help to get some views closer,” he said .

Commenting on his daily duties in Pristina, Pavicevic said that he is entering into a routine, that due to better communication he will start learning Albanian and that for now he has not had any inconvenience or incidents.

Brussels agreement between Prime Minister of Serbia and Kosovo provides the exchange of liaison officers. Belgrade sent Dejan Pavicevic to Pristina and Pristina sent Valdet Sadiku to Belgrade.


  1. He is an ambassador. Everyone knows He is an ambassador and liaison officer is just a temporary euphemism until Serbia completes it’s recognition of Kosovo independence by removing from its constitution.


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