Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic froze today his participation in the meetings of Serbia, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina until Turkey apologizes to Serbia over the statement of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Kosovo, president’s office said in a statement.


“I expect Turkey to apologize to Serbia over this aggression without weapons. Until then, as the President of Serbia, I freeze my participation in the trilateral meetings of Serbia, BiH and Turkey, because this is not a meeting of warmongering countries, but democratic countries whose leadership leads to the peace in Balkans,” says the statement.

Serbian president, according to the statement, warned President of Turkey that it is not polite to have Turkish officials ask other countries to recognize the independence of Kosovo.

“By taking over presidency, I took over good relations with Turkey, which were established by my predecessor, former President of Serbia. I tried to turn these relations into a true friendship of the two nations. I have warned President of Turkey the whole time that, at least, is not polite that Turkish officials are asking other countries to recognize the “independence” of Kosovo,” said Nikolic.

As he said, the scandal that Prime Minister of Turkey made in Prizren is a rude and wanton destruction of established good and friendly relations, by disrespectful and rude trampling of the sovereignty of Serbia and revising history.

“Kemal Atatürk’s ideas are no longer ideas of the leadership of Turkey,” said Nikolic.



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