Israel produces 10-15 nuclear bombs annually – report


Israel has produced 690-950 kg of plutonium, and continued to produce from 10 to 15 nuclear bombs of the Nagasaki type each year, a report says.


Israel, which develops very sophisticated chemical weapons, in addition to biological and nuclear weapons, refutes to sign any international treaty to allow UN to inspect its nuclear, chemical and biological arsenals, Global Research quoted Jane’s Defense Weekly.

According to Jane’s Defense Weekly, Israel – the only nuclear power in the Middle East, has 100 to 300 nuclear warheads and their appropriate vectors ( ballistic and cruise missiles and fighter-bombers ).

According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) estimates, Israel has produced 690-950 kg of plutonium, and continues to produce as much as necessary to make from 10 to 15 bombs of the Nagasaki type each year.

Israel has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), nor the Convention Banning Biological Weapons, and has signed but not ratified the Convention Banning Chemical Weapons.


  1. Israel is the only country which has WMDs including chemical, biological and nuclear. and all the weapons are available because of the support of USA. Currently Middle east has become the region of limited war due to the current situations prevailing in the region.To maintain stability and promoting peace in the region it is important for all the countries which already have or been currently pursuing their weapons program to roll back their weapons program for regional peace and stability and should go for establishing nuclear weapon free zone in the region.

  2. Now where Obama’s administration and their policy of nuclear zero is, now where are the concerns of NPT? Where is the UN and their concerns over nuclear proliferation? Where are the sanctions? Israel has been proven to be a threat to the world peace and its aggression must be countered.

  3. What the world would say about the Israel’s WMDs now? The sole Jewish state which is supported by the US possess a massive number of weapons is a big threat to peace and stability of the region and world at large. So much criticism on Iran but quiet on the Israel’s possessions; a clear dichotomy of the major states. Amazingly, Israel denies to sign any international accord and this huge number of proliferation but the whole world remain quiet on this.

  4. So, where is NPT? Why arms control and disarmament bodies are silent on such illegal developments? This is international anarchy through international institutions.

  5. Any challenge to Israel’s nuclear hegemony could weaken its ability to use the nuclear threat in order to hold on to stolen Palestinian land. A nuclear armed Iran might see Israeli citizens leave the country and its occupied territories. Investment could decline, reducing the finances needed to fund and maintain Israel’s illegitimate expansion. Israel’s large stockpile of nuclear weapons and the fact that many high profile Israelis have declared that the country is quite prepared to use them if threatened, should be of great concern to everyone. Israel, and their Neocon and Zionist allies in the US government, pose a much graver threat to world peace than Iran.

  6. Israel cannot steal its’ own land. Nutan you are st*pid a*s. The Palestinians are Jews and Palestine is another name for the Jewish homeland dating back 3600 years. The Arabs are trespassing terrorists .There is no Palestinian Arabs. You Serb started WWI which led to WWII. Israel should use a few nukes on you.

    • @Ivan
      Impulsive trolling make such laughable comments sometimes…How come when you mention the past and some 3600 Years ago you forgot the part when some guy you may have heard of talked to an inflamed bushes and was told not to kill???
      It is beyond my understand that of all people you guys cannot understand this after all you’ve been through ( not generalizing either)