After three months of relationship, Ana Ivanovic broke up with basketball player Ivan Paunic. Serbian tennis player had a lunch with her parents on Tuesday at 4 p.m., and at 5 p.m. she called now ex-boyfriend and told him: “It’s over.”


Ana’s parents were allegedly opposed to her relation with Ivan.

“A relationship is destroyed. Ana and I are not together anymore. And all because of the media,” Ivan said yesterday by telephone from Spain while “Blic” reporters were talking to his mother in Grocka about everything that happened in recent days. According to “Blic”, Ivan sounded upset, disappointed and sad.

Ana confirmed yesterday that the relationship is over  by unfollowing Ivan on Twitter.

“I have talked to Ana and she told me she is no longer with Ivan. The whole story was a bit inflated, the pressure unbearable, and separation was inevitable,” Ana’s close friend said for “Blic”.

Ana and Ivan were together only three months, and just last month their relationship was made public thanks to Ivan’s Tweets.


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