BELGRADE – Serbian Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic stated after the meeting with Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Samuel Santos Lopez that Serbia and Nicaragua share long-term friendship.


Serbia and Nicaragua always helped each other, Mrkic told a news conference and added that he notified Minister Lopez about the progress made in terms of economy and foreign policy.

Mrkic also thanked Nicaragua for its principled support to Serbia on the Kosovo-Metohija issue.

This means a lot to Serbia and we are grateful to all Latin American countries which mostly share the same stand as Serbia, Mrkic said.

Serbia’s progress on its EU path does not mean that Belgrade will forget its old-time friends such as Nicaragua and other countries from all continents, the minister said.

Noting that major projects are underway in Nicaragua, Mrkic expressed the hope that there will be room for Serbian companies in the performance of the projects.

Lopez expressed the satisfaction over the very productive meeting with Minister Mrkic, adding that he will have a few more meetings during his stay in Belgrade.

We will continue maintaining the close ties between Serbia and Nicaragua and we will do our best to keep the communication constant and positive, Lopez said.

He noted that Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America, which ensured its macroeconomic development and attraction of foreign investors.


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