BELGRADE – The UN team in Serbia celebrated on Wednesday the 68th anniversary of the UN Charter, and Serbia’s Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, one of the hosts of the event, said the UN was a respected partner of the Serbian government and people.


“Serbia’s faith in the UN is best described by the fact that it first turned to the UN when faced with the illegal secession of a part of its territory,” Dacic said at the event, adding that Serbia’s contribution to UN peace missions was another testament to its relations with that world organization.

The government works with more than 20 organizations and agencies of the UN successively, and also on many development and political processes important for the whole region, he noted, stressing that the fact Serbia’s former foreign minister Vuk Jeremic chaired the 67th session of the UN General Assembly was a confirmation of that successful cooperation.

Serbia sees that honour as a recognitin of its contributions to solving global challenges, he remarked.

Serbia will continue to contribute to the realization of the UN’s millenium goals and in formulating the development policy for post 2015, which is something Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic recently spoke about before the UN General Assembly, Dacic said.

“The UN is not just a partner to the Serbian government, but all its people too, and I am glad that the voice of the people of Serbia will help define global development goals,” he remarked, adding that Serbia had been one of the 100 countries whose people took part in a survey that was to to determine the UN police for global development.

Yugoslavia was one of the UN founding countries, and Serbia has every right to congratulate the UN on this anniversary, he stated.

UN’s newly appointed resident coordinator in Serbia Irena Vojackova Solorano said her office would work with all the UN agencies and the Serbian government to achieve the UN goals – peace, development and human rights for all.

Head of the UN office in Belgrade Peter Due passed on a message from the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, who said the situation in Syria was currently the biggest global security challenge, and that the UN was working hard to resolve it.

Now that the millenium goals have halved the number of poor in the world, the most important development challenge for the UN is how to make sustainability a reality and reach a global agreement on climate challenge, Ban underscored.

The UN team in Serbia comprises more than 20 development agencies and organizations.


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