BELGRADE – Former Serbian national team player Vladimir Radmanovic decided to end his active career, basketball portals reported.

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Radmanovic was born on November 19 1980 in Trebinje. At age 17 he came to Red Star, where he spent four seasons. After that he moved to FMP, and from there he was elected in draft 2001 to play for Seattle Supersonics.

During his NBA career he spent five years in Seattle, three in Los Angeles Lakers, and short time in Los Angeles Clippers before Lakers. Although he signed five-year contract with Lakers, the team sent him to Charlotte after three years because he drove snowboard, broke his shoulder and thus broke club rules. After Charlotte he played for Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks and finally the Chicago Bulls.

Radmanovic played 737 matches in NBA and had an average of 21.9 minutes per match, 8 points, 3 rebounds and 1.4 assists in the league part of the season.

He refused to play for Serbian national team several times, but then joined it in 2002 and with the team won gold in Indianapolis at the World Cup. It was in this competition where his conflict with coach Svetislav Pesic began after which Radmanovic had to leave the team.