BELGRADE – Crown Prince Aleksandar II and Crown Princess Catherine rejected as false all the charges on their account rendered by Nebojsa Ognjanović, father of late Tijana.


The Royal couple announced law action for falsehoods in connection with this case, which has intrigued the public for days because Ognjanovic family refuses to communicate the details of the money raised and spent for Tijana’s treatment at the Children’s Hospital in Houston.

“Bearing in mind that this negative media campaign being waged against the royal family based on the placement of false information and unfounded allegations and a violation of a basic human rights, the royal family is required to consider taking legal steps to protect its reputation and allow everyone to hear the truth,” says a statement issued by the office of Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, which appeals to the state authorities to investigate all the details related to the case of Tijana Ognjanović and publish to public the right information.

Earlier, Tijana’s father Nebojsa Ognjanović accused over certain media Princess Katherine that she pressured him not to pay the costs of Tijana’s treatment to the hospital in Houston after the child died, but to transfer money to Pediatrics Clinic in Belgrade, which he refused.

I don’t understand what Ognjanovic’s are doing – Sergej Trifunovic

Sergej Trifunovic, image credits:
Sergej Trifunovic, image credits:

Sergej Trifunovic, who participated in the campaign to raise the money for the surgery of now late Tijana Ognjanović, revealed that the girl’s father Nebojsa Ognjanović refused to forward the remaining money to another ill child.

The actor, in a talk show “Bulevar” on TV B92, recounted in detail why he ended his contact with the parents of the child that united Serbia and the world in humanity.

“Doctors have agreed to operate for $500,000, with the condition that additional $200,000 be paid when money is raised. At that time we already had collected $1.6 million. Then I called Nebojsa Ognjanović and asked him to transfer part of the money for Ljubica Adamic, at least 50,000 euros ($67,000). He told me that he had an account with a specific purpose and that he can not raise money because it is intended solely for the cost of treatment.

Then I asked him whether he wants to be at the forefront of the fund that was intended for the treatment of seriously ill children. I said because of the good karma, to help other children because of their child. He refused to even just formally become the head of the Fund,” Sergei said.

“Since the action was still ongoing, and there were three children waiting for help, I asked him to publish to media that enough money is collected, to thank to all those who participated in the campaign and invite everybody to continue to give the money to other ill children. He said nothing to that, he did not answer to me anymore nor respond to the messages, even though before that he regularly answered to my calls. I was very upset because I think it’s very selfish,” said Trifunovic.

He added that next day he received the call from Katarina Jakovljevic, The Royal family PR, who asked him “with a voice of homeroom teacher” does he have a problem with Ognjanovic family.

“I think they’re angry because I published that Ognjanovic’s collected enough money for Tijana’s surgery, as Ognjanović didn’t want to do that. Katarina Jakovljevic said it was irresponsible on my part,” Trifunovic said, adding that the last time he tried to contact Tijana’s parents was in April, but they never returned his call.

“For me Tijana was Josip Broz Tito, she managed to unite people. Action was from Sydney to Pristina, I know Albanians who gave money to Tijana, my friends from Zagreb and Split gave money, Muslims in Mostar have teamed up and made ​​the action, they rounded up some 3,500 euros for her,” Sergej Trifunovic said.


  1. I think all think is out of mind..raising 1 million dollars for somebody who got slim chances to survive…this second bit is typical for Serb nature…what to say CLOSE THE CASE


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